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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
TriEagle Energy 12 month fixed 9.20¢
TriEagle Energy 6 month fixed 8.60¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.00¢
TriEagle Energy 24 month fixed 9.10¢
TriEagle Energy 12 month fixed 9.50¢
Frontier Utilities 12 month fixed 9.80¢
TriEagle Energy 24 month fixed 9.40¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.40¢
TriEagle Energy 36 month fixed 9.40¢
4Change Energy 12 month fixed 7.30¢

Bedford energy rates

Bedford is located in the “Mid-Cities” area of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and has a population of around 47,000. With a climate that is very dry and often very hot, Bedford requires access to affordable and efficient energy for both residents and businesses. In Bedford, the vast majority of the energy is used for cooling, and the 235 days of sunshine each year help generate electricity through solar systems.

Energy rates in Bedford fluctuate throughout the year, but residents and businesses negotiate energy contracts when they sign up with their suppliers and are provided with a fixed rate throughout the term. Currently, there are terms available from six through 36 months. The cooler winter months are generally the least expensive time to sign up, with spring and summer rates being higher. Check out Bedford energy rates to see what prices and options are currently available.

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Bedford energy map

Bedford energy deregulation

On January 1, 2002, Texas passed legislation to deregulate the energy market in most of Texas; this includes the Bedford area. Deregulation means that consumers now have the option to choose among a number of different suppliers from which to purchase their electricity. In Bedford, Oncor Electric is still the utility provider charged with the transmission and distribution of electricity, regardless of which electric supplier it is purchased from.  Prior to deregulation, only one utility company serviced each area, with the state controlling rates. The problem with that system was that there was no incentive to lower rates, because there was no competition. Deregulation was implemented to create natural competition among companies.

Energy deregulation in Texas has spurred growth in renewable energy and competition between suppliers, and even different types of energy, which keeps costs relatively low in Bedford. Researching the suppliers and finding those with the best plans can assist residents further in saving on energy costs.

Bedford utility companies and energy providers

Because of deregulation, the energy customer now has more choices when selecting Bedford suppliers to use for their energy needs. Though Oncor Electric will continue to transmit and distribute the electricity, many alternate energy providers are available, and Choose Energy partners with the most trusted of these. Choose Energy approved providers in Bedford include TriEagle Energy and Bounce Energy.

Bedford renewable energy

Texas has been on the cutting edge of sustainable energy for some time and is one of the most forward-thinking states. Texas produces over 4 percent of the total renewable energy in the United States. In addition to harnessing the power of all the sunshine the state receives, biomass and wind turbine systems are common as well. There are many renewable energy providers in Bedford. Choose Energy recommends Green Mountain Energy and Amigo Energy in the green energy category.

Bedford energy facts

2,069 square feet

Average home size


Average monthly usage (kWh)


Average monthly bill


Potential annual savings



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