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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length ETF Price per kWh
Frontier Utilities logo 12 month fixed $200 7.00¢
Cirro Energy logo 12 month fixed $7.95 6.40¢
TXU Energy logo 12 month fixed $150 7.90¢
Spark Energy logo 12 month fixed $175 8.20¢
Direct Energy logo 12 month fixed $135 8.10¢

Dallas energy rates

As America's ninth-largest city, Dallas boasts a city population of 1.25 million and a metropolitan area population of 6.7 million. It's evident that Dallas requires efficient, affordable energy in order to power its homes and businesses. A hot, subtropical climate and urban setting make this need all the more crucial.

Energy prices in Dallas vary. Typically, rates are cheapest when the year ends and begins, with rates being the most expensive at the beginning of spring. Check out Dallas energy rates to see what prices and options are currently available.

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Dallas energy deregulation

Legislation in Texas passed on January 1, 2002, that deregulated the energy market for most of the Lone Star State, including Dallas. This means that, while a single utility provider will continue to deliver the electricity, consumers now have the ability to compare prices through several different suppliers. Customers can also choose from different variable-rate and fixed-rate plans. Energy deregulation in Dallas has stimulated competition between providers. This has led to lower rates relative to the national average.

Dallas utility companies & energy providers

It's important to know exactly what energy suppliers and utility companies in Dallas do for residents. Before deregulation, the utility company transmitted, distributed and sold the energy to consumers. Now, the utility service transmits and distributes the energy, and energy providers in Dallas handle sales and payments.

Oncor Electric Delivery is the primary utility service zone for Dallas residents. Oncor serves over 7.5 million customers and currently stands as America's sixth largest deliverer of electricity. When it comes to Dallas energy suppliers, though, consumers have a variety of choices. Choose Energy partners with only the best providers, such as TriEagle EnergyReliant Energy, and Direct Energy. More choices help to create competition among providers and better prices for the customer. The best way to find the most competitive rate is to shop and review a variety of the services offered by each provider.

Dallas renewable energy

Texas ranks fifth among all states in electricity generated by renewable energy. The Lone Star State's wind energy production outpaces every other state.

Dallas clearly has a demand for green energy and renewable energy consumption in Dallas is one of the nation's highest. The green energy sector is growing in terms of jobs too, as Dallas ranks No. 10 in the amount of green jobs. Additionally, Corporate Knights, a media firm headquartered in Canada, ranked Dallas as the 17th greenest city in the United States. Residents also have plenty of options to use green energy in their home. Reliable Dallas green energy suppliers that Choose Energy has partnered with are Amigo Energy and Green Mountain Energy.

Dallas Energy Facts

2,167 square feet

Average home size


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Average monthly electricity bill


Peak Bill


Lowest Bill


Potential annual savings



Dallas energy suppliers

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