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Did you know that you can save on your utility bill with Central Hudson by switching energy suppliers?

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Founded in 1900, Central Hudson Gas & Electric delivers electricity to over 300,000 residential and business customers in New York’s Mid-Hudson River Valley. Extending from the New York City suburbs in the south to Albany in the north, its service area includes Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Beacon, and Kingston.


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Recently, Central Hudson was awarded the Headliner Award for Customer Service in 2015 and the Edison Electric Institute’s Emergency Response Award for its response to Hurricane Sandy.

If you haven’t chosen an independent supplier for your gas and electricity, you will be charged a default variable rate for your energy supply. That means that your energy costs will change month to month according to market fluctuations.

Central Hudson "Price to Compare"

The variable daily rate is your “Price to Compare.” The Price to Compare can help you decide whether to switch energy suppliers, by telling you exactly how much money you'll save by switching from the utility's plan to one offered by an independent energy supplier. If the supplier's rates beat the utility's "Price to Compare," you can save the difference per kilowatt hour by switching to that supplier. You can search for a lower and more stable rate by checking out the electricity plans available to Central Hudson customers.

These rates include only the cost of producing the electricity, not the cost of delivering the electricity to you. There are additional delivery costs that will remain the same no matter who supplies your electricity.

To report power outages or downed power lines, you should call Central Hudson's customer service line at the above number.

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