Columbia Gas of Ohio

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Columbia Gas of Ohio has been a part of the state’s community since the early 1900s. With over 1.4 million customers that range from homeowners, business owners and industrial clients, Columbia Gas continues to be a forward-thinking utility distributer in Ohio. The company prides itself in its record of reliable, safe natural gas delivery for all its Ohio customers.

Columbia Gas of Ohio is committed to providing excellent natural gas delivery, as well as excellent customer service. The company remains an industry leader “in the development of innovative services and programs.”     

Customer service information

In addition to its natural gas delivery service, Columbia Gas of Ohio offers resources on natural gas safety, as well as convenient contact methods to maintain its customer service standards.

If you are a Columbia Gas customer in Ohio, see below for contact information:

Columbia Gas Customer Service

  • Call 1-800-344-4077 to start, stop or transfer service.

Residential Gas FAQ

  • Click here to find answers to commonly asked questions.

Payment and Billing Options

  •  Click here to pay your natural gas bill online.

Columbia Gas Account

  •  Log in to your account to manage usage, billing and more.

Columbia Gas Savings Tips

  •  Click here for money- and energy-saving tips.

Emergency Service Information

Gas Emergency

  •  Call 1-800-344-4077 to report an emergency, then call 911 from a safe location.

Safety Information

  • Learn ways to make your home or business safer.

Natural Gas Lines

  • Call 811 before digging on your property to safely locate nearby natural gas pipelines.

Why deregulated energy?

Switching to a deregulated energy plan is an easy choice. In Ohio, electric and natural gas customers in certain areas have the option to purchase a deregulated energy plan from a retail supplier. Retail suppliers offer competitive rates and a range of incentives (such as green energy credits) that help make their energy plans attractive.

Once you’ve chosen a new natural gas supplier from the Choose Energy marketplace, your work is done! Your new energy supplier will communicate directly with Columbia Gas of Ohio to ensure that there are no interruptions to your service during the switch. If you do encounter a problem or emergency, contact Columbia Gas of Ohio directly.