Commonwealth Edison

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About Commonwealth Edison

Commonwealth Edison Company, or ComEd, provides utility services to 70% of the Illinois population. A subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, ComEd’s top priority is to deliver safe and reliable power to its customers. ComEd also puts its customers’ needs first, offering a range of educational information on energy and technologically-advanced customer service functions.

Rated as the lowest carbon output area among major cities in the United States, ComEd’s service area spans 11,411 square miles in Northern Illinois. The service area stretches from the Wisconsin state border south to Pontiac, Illinois, and from the Indiana state border to the Mississippi River.

Why Deregulated Energy?

Deregulated energy legislation has been put in place throughout the United States. The purpose of a deregulated energy system is to save energy customers money while still providing advanced products and an excellent level of service. Within a deregulated energy market, retail suppliers of electricity and natural gas offer its customers competitive rates and a range of extra incentives to bring in business.

Unlike Illinois’ retail energy providers, ComEd is not subject to competitive market pricing; ComEd can therefore charge more for its monthly energy services. ComEd’s service is provided at a default rate, which can fluctuate month to month based on the rise and fall of national energy costs. For this reason, deregulated energy plans are often more affordable, and more stable, than the local utility’s service. To find a deregulated energy plan in your area, visit the Choose Energy marketplace.

ComEd Customer Service Information

ComEd strives to keep customers updated and informed on their power status. Customers can easily report an outage or find information on existing outages in their area.

Emergency Contact

  • Call 1-800-Edison-1 to report an emergency (1-800-334-7661).

Report a Power Outage Online

  • Report an outage at your home or business online by clicking here.

Street Light Outage

  • To report a street light outage, click here.

Report a Power Outage on your Mobile Device

  • To report or check the status of a power outage on your mobile device, you have 4 options:
    1. Enroll by texting “ADD OUTAGE” to 26633.
      • Once enrolled, text “OUT” to 26633 to report.
      • Check your outage status by texting “STAT” to 26633.
      • Unsubscribe your mobile device by texting “STOP” to 26633.
    2. Download the ComEd mobile app to report an outage and keep updated on its status.
    3. Tweet #OUT to @ComEd to report an outage and get real-time updates.
    4. Use the ComEd Facebook Outage App to report an outage and stay connected with ComEd’s activity.