Consolidated Edison

New York energy delivery company

About Consolidated Edison

Founded in 1823, the Consolidated Edison Company, commonly referred to as ConEd, has become one of the world’s largest energy delivery companies. ConEd serves 10 million customers in various parts of New York, and is dedicated to the delivery and maintenance of high quality services.

To do so, ConEd sources its electricity from a combination of generating stations and renewable sources like wind and solar power. The company sources natural gas from all over North America, as it is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available.

As one of the top energy utilities, ConEd is setting an example of ethical and sustainable practices for the energy industry. According to its annual sustainability report, the company has lowered its greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous waste generation, so ConEd’s environmentally-conscious customers can feel good about their energy usage.

Why deregulated energy?

The deregulated energy market in New York has been helping residents save on their energy bills for over 20 years. The purpose of energy deregulation legislation is to open the energy market to competitive retail suppliers, in the hopes that the competition will drive rates down and save customers money. Once you’ve chosen a deregulated energy plan, your new supplier will communicate with ConEd to make sure that your power is delivered without any interruptions.

Within a deregulated energy system, your local utility will still deliver the power to your home or business; the main difference is where that power is coming from (and how much you’re paying for it). Deregulated energy suppliers often offer green energy plans or other benefits that the local utility can’t, which is why millions in New York have already switched. With a deregulated energy plan, you have the power to choose your energy.

ConEd customer service information

ConEd has several ways for home and business customers to get in contact with questions or information. Existing customers can log into their accounts to find billing information, service coverage and more. Visit the ConEd customer service center for more details.

  • To report a gas leak or electric emergency, call 1-800-752-6633.
  • To report a service issue or outage, click here.
  • ConEd’s 24/7 outage map can be found here.

Compare energy rates in New York

If your home or business is in the ConEd utility area, find and compare deregulated energy rates from suppliers below: