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DTE Energy (Michigan Consolidated) Utility Information

Did you know that you can save on your utility bill with DTE Energy by switching energy suppliers?

Founded in 1849, Michigan Consolidated is a subsidiary of DTE Energy, one of the largest natural gas utilities in the United States. DTE Energy (MichCon) delivers natural gas to 1.2 million homes and business in central and northern Michigan.

DTE Energy (MichCon) natural gas rates

Residential and commercial customers that do not sign up with an independent natural gas supplier, will receive a default variable rate plan from DTE Energy. The rates for this plan change monthly based on changes in the energy markets.

DTE Energy (MichCon) "Price to Compare"

This rate is your “Price to Compare.” The Price to Compare can help you figure out how much you’ll save by switching from the utility’s plan to one offered by an independent energy supplier. If the supplier’s rates beat the utility’s “Price to Compare,” you can save the difference per Ccf  by switching to that supplier. Check out the natural gas plans available to those in the DTE Energy service area.

These rates include only the cost of producing the electricity, not the cost of delivering the electricity to you. The delivery costs will remain the same no matter who supplies your electricity.

To report a hazard or a gas leak, you can reach DTE Energy’s customer service line at the number listed above.

DTE Energy
One Energy Plaza
Detroit, MI 48226