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Duke Energy Service Area: 

Duke Energy Service Area

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Supplier Plan Energy Term Length Rate
Constellation Energy 12 month fixed 5.99¢
Direct Energy 12 month fixed 6.09¢
Constellation Energy 36 month fixed 5.79¢
North American Power 12 month fixed 5.49¢
Direct Energy 18 month fixed 5.79¢
Constellation Energy 6 month fixed 6.19¢
North American Power 36 month fixed 5.89¢
North American Power 24 month fixed 5.99¢
North American Power 6 month fixed 5.89¢
Cincinnati Bell Energy 12 month variable 5.61¢

Duke Energy is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, serving 7.2 million electricity customers all over the United States. In Ohio, Duke Energy delivers electricity to 840,000 homes and businesses. Its 3,000 square mile service area includes the city of Cincinnati as well as Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, Warren, and Brown counties.

Duke Energy electricity rates

If, for whatever reason, you don't sign up with an independent energy supplier, Duke Energy will provide you with a "Standard Offer" electricity plan. The rate for the “Standard Offer” plan is approved by your state’s public utility commissions. However, that rate can be higher than what you can find if you shop around with independent suppliers, and it can change often. Plans with competitive suppliers most often spell out the length of the term, giving you security against increases in the utility's rate.

Duke Energy 'Price to Compare'

These utility rates are your “Prices to Compare.” You can use them as a comparison tool to help you decide if you can save money by shopping for another supplier. If another supplier’s price per kilowatt hour is lower than the “Price to Compare,” you can save the difference per kilowatt hour by switching to that supplier. These rates include only the cost of producing the electricity. There are additional costs for the delivery of the electricity to your home or business. The delivery costs will remain the same no matter who supplies your energy.

If you feel disloyal, consider this: Duke Energy Ohio and other Ohio utilities are fighting an order from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to refund savings from federal tax cuts to their customers.

What if there's a power outage? To report power outages or downed power lines, you should call Duke Energy's customer service line, same as the utility's customers have always done.

Duke Energy OH
139 E 4th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202


Duke Energy Customer Service Information

State Report an Outage Customer Service Phone Number Electric Problem Phone Number Billing Info & Questions
Ohio Duke Energy Ohio Outages 800-544-6900 800-543-5599 Duke Energy Ohio Billing
Florida Duke Energy Florida Outages 800-700-8744 800-228-8485 Duke Energy Florida Billing
Indiana Duke Energy Indiana Outages 800-521-2232 800-343-3525 Duke Energy Indiana Billing
Kentucky Duke Energy Kentucky Outages 800-544-6900 800-543-5599 Duke Energy Kentucky Billing
North Carolina* Duke Energy NC Outages 800-777-9898 800-769-3766 Duke Energy NC Billing
South Carolina* Duke Energy SC Outages 800-777-9898 800-769-3766 Duke Energy SC Billing


* Please note that this information is different for Duke Progress Energy areas. Please visit dukeenergy.com for more details.

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