Emera Maine (Bangor Hydroelectric)

Maine Electric Company

About Emera Maine

Emera Maine delivers electricity to over 150,000 customers in its 8,902 square mile service area. It provides electricity delivery service to the Bangor Hydro District – which includes Hancock Piscataquis, and Washington counties, and most of Penobscot counties – and the Maine Public District, which serves Aroostook County and a small portion of Penobscot county.

Emera Maine "Price to Compare"

If you don’t sign up with an energy supplier of your choice, Emera Maine will continue to provide you a “Standard Offer” service at a rate determined by the state’s Public Utility Commission. You can find that rate below. The “Standard Offer” service rate will typically be higher than what you would pay for a plan on an independent energy supplier. That rate is your “Price to Compare.” You can use it as a comparison tool to help you decide if you can save money by choosing another supplier. If another supplier’s price per kilowatt hour is lower than the “Price to Compare,” you can save the difference per kilowatt hour by switching to that supplier.

Keep in mind that the rates you’re comparing include only the cost of producing the electricity. There are additional costs for the delivery of the electricity to your home or business. The delivery costs will remain the same no matter who supplies your energy.

Report an outage

To report power outages or downed lines, you should contact Emera Maine’s customer service.

Emera Maine (Bangor Hydro Electric Co)
970 Illinois Ave
Bangor, ME 04401