Michigan Gas Utilities

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Michigan Gas Utilities delivers safe and reliable natural gas to 169,000 customers in south and west Michigan. A subsidiary of Integrys Energy System, the utility has a service area that includes Grand Haven, Otsego, Benton Harbor, Coldwater and Monroe.

Michigan Gas Utilities natural gas rates

Residential and commercial customers that do not sign up with an independent natural gas supplier, will receive a default plan from Michigan Gas Utilities. The rates for this plan change yearly and are determined by the Michigan Public Service Commission, the government entity responsible for regulating utilities. However, customers on the default plan will likely pay a higher rate for energy than those who shop around for an energy plan.

The natural gas rate for default service is currently [content_block title=”Michigan Gas Utilities PTC” id=”7817″] cents per Ccf for residential and commercial customers. Check out the natural gas plans on offer for those in the Michigan Gas service area.

Michigan Gas Utilities “Price to Compare”

This rate is your “Price to Compare.” You can use it as a comparison tool to help you determine your savings if you switch to another supplier. If another supplier’s price per therm is lower than the “Price to Compare,” you can save the difference by switching to that supplier.

These rates include only the cost of producing the electricity. There are additional costs for the delivery of the electricity to your home or business. The delivery costs will remain the same no matter who supplies your energy.

To report a hazard or a gas leak, you should contact Michigan Gas’ customer service at the number listed above.

Michigan Gas Utilities
899 S Telegraph Rd
Monroe, MI 48161