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South Jersey Gas


Last Updated: August 3, 2021

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About South Jersey Gas

South Jersey Gas is a natural gas utility owned by South Jersey Industries. They currently service over 400,000 customers in the seven southernmost New Jersey counties. It includes cities like Cherry Hill, Camden, Ocean City, and Cape May. South Jersey Gas has served these areas for over 100 years. 


South Jersey Gas rates

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
Verde Energy - Clean Gas 2424 months$0.509 / therm
Verde Energy - Clean Gas 1212 months$0.519 / therm
Constellation - 36 Month Home Natural Gas Plan36 months$0.579 / therm
Constellation - 12 Month Home Natural Gas Plan12 months$0.589 / therm
Constellation - 6 Month Home Natural Gas Plan6 months$0.649 / therm

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 12/22/2020 for utility South Jersey Gas. Rates may have changed since this date. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

What is deregulation?

In the late 1990s, the New Jersey legislature voted to deregulate natural gas service. Before deregulation, you wouldn’t have many options as it relates to natural gas suppliers. It limited your ability to compare South Jersey natural gas prices, and you could end up paying more for service since providers didn’t have as much competition. 

However, with deregulation, the market has more suppliers, so you can have a variety of options and save money at more affordable rates. It is where Choose Energy can help you. Our resources can help you understand:

What is the South Jersey Gas’s price to compare?

Price to compare refers to how much you pay if you choose to compare South Jersey’s gas prices near me with other suppliers. If you do not choose another supplier, you will pay the South Jersey Gas’s price to compare rate of $0.4478. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities determines this rate and it might be subject to change each year, depending on market conditions. It also means if you choose the South Jersey Gas rate, you might end up paying more for service. 

However, by shopping around, you might be able to beat South Jersey’s gas prices. Choose Energy can help you by comparing all suppliers and affordable rates in your area. Enter your zip code above to see how much money you can save. 

What is the difference between a natural gas utility and a supplier?

A supplier’s responsibility is to provide natural gas to homes and businesses in its service area. They do this by using the infrastructure supplied by the utility company. They’ll also be responsible for informing customers in their service area about their rates, promotions, and how to sign up for a plan with them. 

Meanwhile, utility companies repair and maintain the infrastructure used to deploy natural gas as well as handle any repairs, gas leaks, or account questions homeowners or businesses have. 

Which suppliers are available in South Jersey Gas’s service area?

Choose Energy can help you find the suppliers in your area. Just enter your ZIP code on this page to find providers and plans available. Speaking of providers, here are some of the main ones you’ll find near you: 

Contact South Jersey Gas

To report outages, questions about transmission rates, and more service-related questions, you can contact South Jersey Gas in the following ways: 

  • Online at:
  • Report a gas leak by calling: 800-582-7060
  • Call customer service (non-emergency issues) at: 888-766-9900

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