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You can take advantage of energy choice by shopping around for your electricity provider in Texas. Switching suppliers can help you save money on your monthly energy bills whether you are a small residential home or large industrial plant. Not all Texans can choose a new electric provider due to regulations of municipalities, cooperatives, or investor-owned utilities. Start by entering your zip code to see if your home or business is in a deregulated energy zone.

How Is Choose Energy Different than Power to Choose?

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Choose Energy also enables you to compare electricity rates, but our easy-to use online marketplace offers additional benefits.

  • Compare and shop all in one place: With ChooseEnergy.com, you can compare plans, see actual rates in real time and make the switch all in one place. With Power to Choose, you can compare plans, but that’s about it.
  • Shop only the best plans: There could be hundreds of plans available to you, but how do you know if the rate displayed isn’t just a teaser rate or that it’s worked for others. We don’t show you discounted teaser rates and we give our customers the opportunity to rate their experiences with suppliers, so you can shop smart.
  • Find unique rates you can’t find anywhere else: Thanks to our strong relationships with suppliers, we can even negotiate special rates for our customers. Just last year, Texans who switched on Choose Energy saved up to 59% on their electricity bills.
  • Find the option that fits your lifestyle: Whether it’s saving money, or going green, we make it easy to sort through your energy options.
  • Get the support you need: Choose Energy provides ongoing support and even notifies you when your plan is about to expire so you can avoid price increases.

Choose Energy only works with the most reputable suppliers in Texas, like the following:

Choose Energy in Texas

An easy way to understand energy choice is to take a look at your electricity bill. You’ll see that it is made up of two main parts: distribution or delivery charges, and supply charges. The distribution of your electricity through power lines is a service is provided by your local utility. However, the supply portion of your bill, usually shown as the price per kilowatt-hour is the part you have control over.

There are several electricity companies that compete for your business by offering plans with unique features like low or fixed rates, rates based on the amount of energy you use, free perks like a Nest smart thermostat, and even energy from renewable sources.

The history of Texas energy deregulation

Texans have had the opportunity to choose their energy supplier since 2002. And so far, almost 6 million have. However, there are some areas in Texas that are served by municipal electric companies or utility cooperatives, where you can’t switch suppliers.

Texas is broken up into six utility zones and most suppliers set rates based on your utility:

In Texas, utilities do not offer electric supply and you must shop around for the energy you need. This means that the market is competitive and that helps to keep costs low.

Public Utility Commission of Texas

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) plays a role in energy choice by facilitating competitive supplier choices and educating Texans. PUCT also authorizes licenses for electricity suppliers to ensure they have met strict requirements for doing business in Texas.

Regardless of which electric company you choose, your electricity will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by the local wires company, which is regulated by the PUCT.

If you experience a power outage you should call the local wires company (often called the Transmission and Distribution Utility, or TDU) for your area.

Minimum Usage Fees

Many electric providers and plans require you to use a certain amount of electricity per month. If you use less than the minimum amount you will be charged an additional fee. This fee is not always itemized on your bill so keep a close eye on your monthly bill to know if you are being charged additional fees. Not all plans require a minimum fee, so if you are a low energy use household or travel often you may want to select a plan that does not include minimum use fees, even if the price per kwh is slightly higher.


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