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Compare Ohio Electricity Rates

More than 4.2 million households and a quarter million businesses in Ohio have already switched electricity suppliers, sometimes saving up to 23%. With the state’s energy deregulation, Ohioans can take control of their bills and purchase electricity to fit their needs. But in a recent survey, nearly half of Ohio respondents said they have “no clue” what energy deregulation means.

Put simply, it means residents and business in Ohio have the power to choose the company that provides their electricity supply, giving them the opportunity to find a lower rate. Enter your ZIP above to find out what’s available near you.

Are you moving to Ohio?

Ohio residents enjoy deregulated natural gas and electricity markets, which means you’ll be able to choose who your supplier is. Suppliers offer energy at competitive prices, which means residents have the option to save on their rates, lock in rates for longer periods, and reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing energy from renewable sources.

Choose Energy can help you compare plans and choose what works for you. Sign up in a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your ZIP code above.
  2. Compare the energy supply plans available and make a selection.
  3. Fill in the application form with your contact info, address, and utility account number.

Submit the form and you’re all set. Your new supplier will contact your utility to set up the change.

Don't I have to buy electricity from a utility?

No, Ohio is one of about 15 states where residents can say goodbye to traditional utilities when it comes to paying for the energy they use. The utility still manages the infrastructure and delivers electricity or natural gas, but the energy will come from a competitive supplier. These suppliers often offer lower prices than the utility serving your area.

Even when the supplier rate is higher than the utility rate, it can be a smart financial decision to sign up for it. Why? Because you can lock in your rate for a year or longer and protect yourself against volatile utility prices.

Signing up also gives you a way to fight back against any unfair utility practices. For example, Ohio utilities including Duke Energy Ohio, Dayton Power & Light, FirstEnergy and American Electric Power fought an order from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio that would force them to refund savings from federal tax cuts to customers. In many states, utilities immediately returned savings to consumers.

Who can buy deregulated energy plans in Ohio?

If you live in a deregulated area of Ohio, you have a choice of where to buy your energy supply. You are not required to purchase a new energy plan; if you decide not to, your local utility company will still provide your home or business’s power at its default rate.

However, you could find that you are paying more for your monthly electricity and natural gas supply than your neighbors who purchased a deregulated energy plan. This is because a utility’s default rate can be higher than the competitive energy plans offered by

Not all Ohio residents are eligible to purchase a deregulated energy plan. To find out if your home or business can benefit from the deregulated energy market, enter your ZIP code above. If you do reside in a deregulated area of Ohio, you can take advantage of the countless offers and incentives offered through Choose Energy’s Ohio energy partners.

How energy deregulation in Ohio began

The Ohio General Assembly passed Senate Bill 3 in 1999, beginning the process of deregulating the Ohio energy market. Prior to this bill, the Ohio electricity market was made up of a few powerful utility companies that set energy rates. To help Ohio customers, the Ohio General Assembly put forth a plan to follow other states’ examples and deregulate the energy market.

In 2001, Senate Bill 3 went into effect, lowering energy rates in Ohio for home and business owners. Through Choose Energy’s deregulated energy marketplace, many Ohio customers now have a choice between electricity providers that offer competitive rates and a vast range of plans.

Who provides the electricity?

Within the Ohio deregulated energy system, there may be some confusion over where your electricity is coming from. Once you sign up for a new plan through the Choose Energy marketplace, your work is done! Your new electricity supplier will communicate with your area’s local utility company, ensuring that there is no interruption to your power delivery.

The local utility company still manages the infrastructure. If you have any problems, emergencies or power outages, contact your local utility company – not your energy supplier!

What types of plans and products are offered in Ohio?

  • Fixed-rate plan: A fixed-rate plan offers Ohio energy customers the most stability; within this plan type, customers pay a constant rate for an electricity or natural gas supply every month, no matter how the energy market’s default rate fluctuates. Fixed-rate plans come in various term lengths, ranging from six months to three years.
  • Variable-rate plan: A variable-rate plan often has the customer paying a different rate every month of the plan’s length, depending on fluctuating electricity rates. However, this varying rate can cost less than the utility’s default rate and does not come with any early cancellation fees if you choose to cancel the plan.
  • Prepaid plan: A prepaid plan can be a great choice for Ohio customers who don’t want to submit to a credit check or pay a plan deposit. For a prepaid plan, the customer will pay for a specific amount of electricity or natural gas upfront and then stay informed by the supplier throughout the month about his or her usage and account balance.
  • Green/Renewable energy plan: Most Ohio energy suppliers offer green or renewable energy plans for customers who want to minimize their environmental impact. These plans can be fixed-rate or variable-rate and can use up to 100% of its energy from renewable sources.
  • Home Services: Some Ohio energy suppliers do more than just provide your electricity or natural gas. Constellation and other Choose Energy partners offer customers additional home services, such as HVAC installation, roof repairs and more.

What about green energy options in Ohio?

Ohio’s electric and natural gas suppliers are committed to providing a range of green energy options to its customers. Most of Choose Energy’s Ohio partners offer affordable plans that incorporate 25% to 100% of energy sourced from renewable resources, such as wind power and solar power.

Some energy suppliers in Ohio also give customers the option to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) that can further offset a household or business’s carbon emissions.

Other questions? Visit our FAQs.

(Last updated 4/25/2019)

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