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Understanding deregulation in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, electricity and natural gas have been deregulated since 1997. Under a deregulated energy market, residential and business customers can shop around for the best Massachusetts electricity rates from providers that serve their area.

Energy deregulation increased competition among electricity suppliers, which can benefit customers by letting them lock in lower Massachusetts electricity rates.

If you’ve never switched electricity providers before, one of your first questions might be: what is the best electric company near me? It all depends on your household energy habits and the type of plan that you’re looking for, but you can use Choose Energy to see what’s available near you and compare electric rates Massachusetts. 

As you explore the electricity market and suppliers in your area, you might find it helpful to check out the Choose Energy guide to energy plan lingo. Once you’re familiar with the terminology and types of plans available, you can also read our tips for reducing your electricity bill (including how to get a no-deposit electricity plan).

What is National Grid’s price to compare?

If you reside in the National Grid service area and opt not to choose your own energy supplier, National Grid will charge you a standard rate for electricity service. This rate is called the price to compare. In November 2020, National Grid’s price to compare is 12.388 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the energy-supply portion of fixed-rate plans. (It does not include transmission charges.)

By shopping around to find the best electricity rates Massachusetts, you might be able to beat National Grid’s price. Type in your ZIP code into the box above to see the current electricity rates near you.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

Utility companies, like National Grid, are assigned to you based on where you live. They’re the company that is responsible for delivering your electricity, responding to power outages, and fixing downed power lines in your area. In contrast, a supplier is the company that sells electricity to you directly, allowing you to take advantage of cheap electricity in Massachusetts. 

Which suppliers are available in National Grid’s service area?

People living and working in National Grid’s service area can choose from a number of Massachusetts electricity providers. Some of the most common suppliers include Constellation Energy, Direct Energy, and Public Power, but you can submit your ZIP code above to find out which ones serve your property.

Contact National Grid

To report a power outage or ask a question about transmission rates, you should contact National Grid through one of the below options. Similarly, if you purchase power from National Grid, you can also use the contact details here.