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Compare Illinois Electric Prices

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Energy deregulation in Illinois

Illinois is one of several states offering energy deregulation to residents and businesses. If you live in Illinois, you have the power to choose your energy provider and plan from a variety of available options. You can choose to get your electricity from your local utility company or from one of the electricity providers operating in your area.

Choose Energy is a free energy marketplace where you can find and compare electricity rates and plans in Illinois. Enter your ZIP code to explore options in your area.

Price to compare vs. savings in Illinois

In Illinois, you will be automatically enrolled in an energy plan from your utility company and charged a default rate unless you sign up for a plan with another provider. You can check your utility’s default rate, known as the Price to Compare (PTC), to understand whether savings are available with another provider.

The following table shows the PTC from utility companies in Illinois. It also displays current rates you could secure through Choose Energy. Enter your ZIP code on this page to find current Illinois electricity rates in your area.

Energy plans in Illinois

Deregulation gives residents more freedom in their electricity service, but it can also be overwhelming. Choose Energy offers resources and guides to help you navigate the energy industry and find the best electric plan for you.

You can find a few types of energy plans on the Choose Energy marketplace. The exact rate you pay will depend on how much energy you use each month. Understanding your typical monthly usage will help you find the right plan. You should also make sure to read a plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to find the details of your service.

  • Fixed-rate plans: The rate you pay for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity is set and will not change. You will sign a contract that normally lasts between 12–36 months. If you end your contract before the term is over, you’ll usually be charged an early termination fee (ETF).
  • Variable-rate plans: The rate you pay for electricity changes each month based on variations in the energy market. This means you could be charged a higher rate during months when energy demand increases. You don’t have to sign a contract, so you can cancel your plan at any time without a termination fee.
  • Prepaid plans: You pay for your energy before you use it. If the funds in your account run low, you’ll receive an alert about your account balance. Prepaid plans and no-deposit plans normally don’t require a credit check.
  • Green energy plans: Some providers offer plans powered by renewable energy sources, like wind or solar. Green energy plans may provide renewable energy credits (RECs) or source 100% of their power from renewable sources.

Illinois utility companies and energy providers

In deregulated areas, customers can purchase electricity through their utility or an energy provider. Popular energy providers in Illinois include Constellation Energy and Clearview Energy, among many others.

Regardless of who sells you electricity, your utility is responsible for maintaining power lines and delivering power to your home. There are four primary utilities in Illinois: ComEd, Ameren Illinois, Mt. Carmel Public Utility, and MidAmerican Energy. Your utility is determined by where you live, so you can’t choose which one serves your home. You should contact your utility if you experience a power outage.

Find the right energy plan with Choose Energy

Choose Energy makes it easy to compare electricity providers and plans that can work well for your energy needs. You can find a plan, compare your options, and sign up for service in three simple steps:

  1. Enter your ZIP code to browse a list of available retail suppliers and plans.
  2. Filter your search results by plan type, contract length, provider, and more. Compare available plans and select the one that fits your needs.
  3. Sign up online or over the phone. Your chosen suppliers will be in touch to complete your setup without changing meters or causing an interruption in service.

Frequently asked questions about Illinois energy

How long does it take to switch energy providers?

Finding a new provider on the Choose Energy marketplace is fast and easy. Once you’re signed up, your new service usually begins on the next billing cycle (within 30–60 days). Your provider will make sure the transition to your new plan is smooth without any interruption to your power.

Is a deposit required for my energy plan?

Many energy suppliers require a deposit if your credit score doesn’t meet a certain threshold. However, you can find a variety of no-deposit plans on our marketplace. Simply filter your search results for this type of plan to compare your options.

How can I lower my electric bill?

There are many ways to lower your energy bills, including performing regular maintenance on your HVAC, installing energy-efficient appliances, and reducing your heating and cooling usage. If these changes don’t lower your bills enough, consider changing to a supplier with a lower rate. Be aware that if you are currently on a fixed-rate plan, you may be required to pay an early termination fee (ETF) if you switch before the end of your contract.

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