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Ameren Illinois

Electric utility company in Illinois

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About Ameren Illinois

Ameren Illinois is a utility company based in Collinsville, Illinois. It provides electricity to more than a million customers and natural gas to over 800,000, located in 89 counties throughout Illinois. Ameren’s service territory covers approximately 3/4 of the state, including Peoria, Carbondale, and Springfield. Its parent company is Ameren, which also owns Ameren Missouri. Incorporated in 1995, Ameren merged three of Illinois’ utility companies into a single entity, Ameren Illinois, in 2004.

Understanding deregulation in Illinois

The term “deregulation” sounds complex, but it simply means that you have the power to choose an energy supplier rather than being limited to only one option – your utility. Illinois deregulated its energy market in 1997, allowing private suppliers to compete with utility companies such as Ameren. By 2008, Illinois customers had many different options for power suppliers. Because you have several different choices, it’s important to carefully compare Ameren utility rates with those of other suppliers in your area.

Note that deregulation does not mean a lack of oversight. The Illinois Commerce Commission oversees all Illinois public utilities. You can contact them to resolve any disputes you may have with your supplier.

What is Ameren Illinois’s price to compare?

If you live in Ameren’s service area and you don’t choose a retail supplier, you will default to Ameren electric and natural gas. But how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? To find out, look at Ameren’s “price to compare.” This is the electricity supply rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) for Basic Generation Service. For summer 2020, it’s 4.396 cents per kWh.

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What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

Something about deregulation that may be tough to wrap your brain around is the difference between a utility and a supplier. A utility is a company that delivers electricity and/or natural gas to your home, while a supplier is a company that provides the service. Ameren Illinois is a utility, though it also supplies service to those who choose it or do not make a decision at all. If you live in Ameren’s service area, you will call them about outages, since they are responsible for the lines and infrastructure, regardless of which supplier you use.

Which suppliers are available in Ameren Illinois’s service area?

Popular suppliers in Ameren Illinois’s service area include Direct Energy, Public Power, and Clearview Energy. Others may be available as well. Just enter your ZIP code above to see which suppliers serve your neighborhood.

Contact Ameren Illinois

To report outages, or for questions regarding your rates and bill if you choose to purchase energy from Ameren, here’s how to contact them:

  • To visit Ameren’s website, click here.
  • To report an outage, click here.
  • Customer service number: 800-755-5000