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Champaign energy rates

Champaign, Illinois, is a medium-sized city of just under 87,500 people, sitting almost midway between Chicago and Indianapolis. As the 11th most populous city in Illinois, Champaign has high demands when it comes to energy consumption.

Energy rates in Champaign vary, with demand usually driving up prices to their peak levels during the cold winter months. Energy rates in Champaign generally drop during the summer, as the mild climate holds temperatures down. Champaign energy rates vary from 5.39 to 8.49 cents per kilowatt hours.

Champaign energy deregulation

In 1997, legislators in Illinois decided to pursue energy deregulation in Champaign, along with the rest of the state. Deregulation gives Champaign consumers more energy choice. Energy for industrial and commercial energy was deregulated first while residential and small business customers followed over the next several years. Because of these changes, consumers now have the ability to choose among various natural gas and electricity providers and shop for the best options according to rates, the sustainability practices of the company, and other variables. Although one utility company in Champaign generally handles the delivery and transmission of energy, different energy providers create competition in the marketplace.

Champaign utility companies & energy providers

Ameren is one of the main utility companies in Champaign. Ameren offers both electricity and natural gas, supplying energy needs through both traditional means and more modern, sustainable methods. Ameren services both residential and commercial customers. In order to provide the best service possible to residents and business owners in Champaign, Ameren has partnered with first-rate energy suppliers.

Champaign renewable energy

Illinois is committed to protecting the environment and offers its consumers green energy options. In Champaign, renewable energy has become a priority.

Most area providers offer renewable energy – naturally sourced energy from the sun, wind, waves and geothermal heat — but Clearview Energy is the area’s greenest energy provider. Clearview offers energy produced from solar and wind power and uses best practices with more traditional power sources.

Municipal Electric Aggregation

Municipal Electric Aggregation (MEA) allows communities to bid for lower energy rates from a chosen provider by forming a collective of interested residents and businesses. A MEA program was established in Champaign in 2012, and the city has partnered with Constellation through July of 2021.

Eligible residents interested in the program can join forces with the community to get a lower rate from Constellation than is available to individual customers. The Constellation MEA program provides 100 percent renewable energy.