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Compare Business Electricity Rates | Choose Energy®

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How to shop for business electricity with Choose Energy

If your business spends more than $5,000 per month on energy, call the number on your screen for a free quote. If your business spends less than $5,000, you can call our team or submit your info online.

  1. Gather resources. Have your utility bill, employee identification number, business address, and renewal rate available to answer questions.
  2. Call us or submit a request. Fill out your contact information in the form on this page or call our business energy experts. 
  3. Get customized plans. Our team will provide customized energy plans from the best providers at no cost or obligation to you.

We provide a variety of pricing options for electric, natural gas, and renewable energy products tailored to your business needs. Use our energy buying guide to learn more about plan types and how to reduce your electricity bill. To get started, submit the following form or call the number on your screen.

Save money on commercial electricity

Businesses have the power to choose a commercial energy plan in most deregulated energy markets. When you select your business electricity supplier, you can save money on energy bills. Choose Energy works with the best energy suppliers for businesses to help you compare and save money on electricity. 

The average U.S. commercial energy rate is 12.91 cents/kWh based on the latest Energy Information Administration data (EIA). Business energy rates are based on your monthly usage, peak consumption times, and other factors. Call (855) 404-2027 to contact our business energy experts. They will guide you through the process and help you enroll in a commercial electricity plan tailored to your business needs.

Why Choose Energy?

We have worked with over 7,500 businesses nationwide to help reduce electricity bills. We can help you take advantage of competitive rates, long-term plans, and renewable energy options offered by our partnered retail energy suppliers

Choose Energy will customize a deregulated business energy plan that fits your needs and budget based on your business’s size and average electricity bill. We work with nationally trusted suppliers, many with top-rated commercial energy reviews, offering a range of selections, including:

  • Natural gas plans
  • Electric plans
  • Green or renewable energy options
  • RECs or Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Office Efficiency Incentives

Areas we serve

Choose Energy helps businesses save money on energy bills in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC, Indiana, Florida, and Wisconsin.

Residential versus business energy rates

Businesses consume significantly more energy than the typical household. On average, businesses use 6,019 kWh per month, whereas the typical home consumes 899 kWh monthly. As a result, businesses benefit from lower rates. For example, based on the December 2023 EIA data, in Texas, the average price for commercial electricity is 8.85 cents/kWh, while the average residential rate is 14.71 cents/kWh.

Business energy rates are much lower than residential because businesses typically consume a significantly higher amount of electricity than residential households due to their larger size, extended operating hours, and equipment usage. Some businesses consume significant amounts of power 24 hours a day, while homes may have variable hours of usage. The higher usage allows businesses to buy energy in bulk compared to the average household. For example, a manufacturing facility may operate non-stop to meet production demands, while most households lower electricity usage during overnight hours.

Green energy for business

Consider a green energy plan if you’re trying to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Opting for renewable energy sources can contribute to a more sustainable future for your business and the environment.

Choose Energy encourages the power to choose business energy plans to help you save time and money. Our business energy experts can help you find the right commercial electricity plan for your business. Get started by calling (855) 404-2027.