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Washington, D.C. energy rates

Washington, D.C., along with several other states including New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas, is a deregulated energy state. Customers in Washington, D.C., have the power to choose their electricity and natural gas suppliers due to energy deregulation. When comparing the electricity rates Washington, D.C., offers, it’s important to review both the main and third-party energy providers.

Washington, D.C. offers several energy plan options including fixed-rate, which maintains the same supply rate throughout the year and variable plans offering low seasonal rates. Energy contract length also plays a role in energy plan options. Contracts can be as short as month-to-month or longer up to three years.

For customers interested in renewable energy, Washington, D.C. is the Nation’s #1 Green Power Purchaser. The Department of Energy & Environment oversees the District of Columbia’s renewable energy program created to give customers the power to make positive environmental choices and reduce climate change.

Understanding deregulation in Washington, D.C.

Energy deregulation was set up to eliminate monopolies by creating a wider and more competitive energy market for customers to choose which supplier best fits their electric and gas needs. Since 2010 when Washington, D.C. energy became deregulated, the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia has monitored the rates and regulations to ensure utility services are offered at a fair cost to residents. Energy deregulation helps consumers obtain competitive energy supply plans and rates.

Energy plans in Washington, D.C.

Before selecting an energy supplier, it’s important to fully understand your power to choose. Use our must-read resources to compare plans and rates to find the best energy supplier and plan for you. It’s Choose Energy’s mission to empower energy consumers by providing educational guides, clear information, and easy-to-use tools.

Learn more with Choose Energy

  • Is it difficult to switch energy providers? Switching your energy provider is not a difficult process. Choose Energy makes it simple; enter your ZIP code, filter the results based on your energy budget and needs, and sign up online or over the phone.
  • What is the right electricity plan for me? Arm yourself with information on energy buying, including what electricity rates Washington, D.C. yields, the difference in contract lengths, types of plans, and the benefits of sustainable green energy in order to fully understand and compare your options.
  • Is a deposit required for all energy plans? Some energy plans don’t require a As you work on your credit rating, there may be no-deposit plans available in your area. These plans commonly are prepaid plans and come with higher rates, however.
  • How can I reduce my energy usage and lower my bill? There are many ways to lower your electrical bill by switching plans or providers, choosing a prepaid energy plan, and investing in updated energy-efficient appliances.
  • What is the difference between a fixed-rate, variable-rate, and prepaid plan? Due to seasonal changes, the D.C. average electrical rate will most likely vary throughout the year.
  • Fixed-rate plans are the most traditional energy plans offering high stability and a consistent monthly price point; variable-rate plans can fluctuate based on the day-to-day or month-to-month energy market value; indexed plans are based on a commodity index for energy and can fluctuate regularly.
  • What types of renewable energy are available? Washington, D.C. offers a range of renewable energy options to help customers minimize their environmental impact. Green energy plans include renewable energy credits, 100% renewable energy, buyback programs, and carbon offsets.
  • Am I required to purchase energy from a supplier? You are not required to purchase energy from a third-party supplier. If you choose to remain with your Washington, D.C. main electricity or natural gas company, you will be at the default monthly rate.

Washington, D.C. energy companies

Pepco, a subsidiary of Exelon, supplies the main electricity rates Washington, D.C., offers. Washington Gas, a WGL company, provides natural gas. In addition to these two traditional energy companies, Washington D.C. has several licensed third-party energy suppliers to choose from including Constellation, Clearview Energy, and Public Power. All third-party Washington, D.C. electric company suppliers are certified and approved by the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia.

After Washington, D.C.’s energy was deregulated, the utility became separate from the supplier. A supplier is responsible for purchasing energy to sell directly to consumers. The supplier sets the rate, plan, and term options.

A utility company maintains the poles, wires, transformers, and lines responsible for delivering electricity and gas to homes or businesses. Customers contact their utility company to report power outages or downed lines. Keep in mind, while Washington, D.C. residents have the ability to change their energy supplier, their utility company cannot be changed.

Find the right energy plan with Choose Energy

Choose Energy has worked to make energy choices straightforward and simple for everyone. We work with reliable Washington, D.C. energy suppliers to bring you trustworthy energy plans at competitive rates.

Signing up for your new Washington, D.C. electric or gas plan is easy:

  1. Enter your home ZIP code for a list of providers, plans, and rates in your service area with our no-cost marketplace.
  2. Filter and evaluate the search results to find the right supplier to meet your energy budget and needs.
  3. Conveniently select your plan by signing up online or via phone.

After you have chosen and signed up for your new energy plan, your previous utility or supplier will be alerted of your account move. The switch with your utility company will be coordinated by your new energy supplier.

Updated: 8/11/2020

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