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Chariot Energy is a retail electric provider (REP) offering 100 percent renewable energy plans. Based in Houston, Texas, Chariot Energy is a retail branch of 174 Power Global Corporation and provides solar power energy plans to homes and businesses.

Chariot Energy offers electricity plans powered entirely by solar energy, including variable month-to-month plans and fixed-rate plans.

Chariot Energy is one of the many REPs offering cheap and reliable energy plans in the Texas deregulated market. Check out today’s low rates below or enter your ZIP code above to see available energy plans in your area.

Chariot Energy reviews

Overall score: 4.0 out of 5

Shopping for a deregulated energy plan can be overwhelming for many Texans. The sheer number of potential energy providers makes it difficult to narrow down the options. Choose Energy wants to give consumers a hand to find the right electricity plan at an affordable rate.

To ensure that our customers are able to choose a great energy provider, Choose Energy compiled a scoring model to review top electric providers in Texas. The Choose Energy reviews model is based on unbiased and quantitative criteria to ensure provider scores remain objective.

We’ve broken down our scoring model into three main categories:

  • Customer service
  • Online accessibility
  • Business history

Using these criteria, Choose Energy assigns impartial reviews to top electricity providers in Texas. To learn more about electric provider reviews, see our full list here.

Customer service

  • P2C Complaint score: 4
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 5

In the customer service category, the P2C complaint score is taken from the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ most recent scorecard, which can be found here. Satisfaction guarantee was ranked on a yes or no basis. Chariot Energy offers a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Total customer service score: 4.5

Online accessibility

  • Online bill pay: 5
  • Online chat: 5
  • Access to usage alerts & trends: 5

For each of these measures, providers were assessed on a yes or no basis. Chariot provides customers with online bill pay, an online chat feature, and access to usage alerts and trends, giving it a perfect score in the category.

  • Total online accessibility score: 5.0

Business history

  • Years in business: 5
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation: 0

While Chariot Energy is a new company, in business for only a year, parent company Hanwha Group has been around since 1952. However, it is not Better Business Bureau accredited and therefore does not have a BBB rating. While the BBB is a paid accreditation, we have included it here as a measure of brand awareness in the eyes of the consumer.

  • Total business history score: 2.5

To read more Texas energy provider reviews, see the full reviews guide.

(Review updated Oct. 28, 2020)

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Updated: 3/6/2020