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Lewisville is a northwest suburb of Dallas, located on Lewisville Lake. It’s a popular city for outdoor recreation, offering some of the area’s best fishing, boating, and swimming. With a population of about 105,000, Lewisville is one of the bigger cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Residents of Lewisville are part of the deregulated Texas energy market, meaning that they have the power to choose their electricity provider and find the best Lewisville electricity rates. If you live in Lewisville, you can use the Choose Energy marketplace to browse and lock in a great electricity plan.

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Energy deregulation in Lewisville

In 2002, many parts of Texas introduced deregulated energy (including Lewisville). Since then, electricity providers have been able to compete to supply energy to Lewisville residents and business owners. This increased competition has empowered electricity consumers to take advantage of the best electricity rates Lewisville.

Now, about 20 years after deregulation began, Texas residents and business owners benefit from lower-than-U.S.-average electricity prices. In fact, residential electricity rates in Texas are 10 percent lower than the national average. Even better, commercial electricity rates in the Lone Star State are nearly 23 percent lower than the national average.

With the Choose Energy marketplace, it’s easy to shop for cheap electricity Lewisville. After submitting your ZIP code, you will see a listing of providers and plans in your area, along with the contract terms and rates of each plan. 

As you browse, you might also see some no-deposit electricity plans and prepaid electricity plans, which are a useful option if you have poor credit or don’t want to pay a deposit on your electricity plan.

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Lewisville utility companies & energy providers

In Lewisville, your utility company is Oncor Electric Delivery or Texas-New Mexico Power, depending on which part of the city you’re in. Before deregulation, you would purchase electricity directly from your utility company. But these days, utilities are responsible for delivering electricity to your home or business and maintaining power lines in your area. If you’re experiencing a power outage in Lewisville, you would contact Oncor Electricity Delivery or Texas-New Mexico Power (not your electricity provider).

On the other hand, your electricity provider sells energy plans. In Texas, these companies are also known as retail electric providers (REPs). As you shop around for a new electricity plan, you’ll notice that there are a number of Lewisville electricity providers. Some of the most well-known REPs in Lewisville include 4Change Energy, TXU Energy, and Express Energy.

While you can’t choose your utility company, you can select your REP if you live in Lewisville. These are the companies you should research if you’ve been wondering, “what is the best electric company near me?” Lewisville electricity providers offer different rates and plans, which you can discover on the Choose Energy marketplace.

Lewisville renewable energy

Texas is a national leader in terms of renewable energy production. The Lone Star State generates the most electricity from wind of all 50 states. Also, Texas routinely generates the fourth- or fifth-highest amount of electricity from solar energy. It’s a great benefit to residents and business owners in deregulated parts of the state, who can choose a renewable energy plan.

In Lewisville, suppliers that only sell green energy plans include Gexa Energy and Green Mountain Energy. However, just because you opt into one of these eco-friendly plans doesn’t mean that your house will be powered by renewable energy — unless you have a direct feed to solar or wind energy on your property.

Instead, your electricity provider typically purchases green energy credits on your behalf, with the intention of offsetting your energy usage. These credits are usually in the form of carbon offsets or renewable energy credits (RECs). In turn, these credits are fed into the power grid.

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Lewisville energy for business

If you own a company that’s based in Lewisville, you can also use Choose Energy to find a cheaper commercial electricity plan for your business. Our energy experts can help you build a custom energy plan for your business, helping you lock in the lowest Lewisville electricity rates. 

Learn more about business energy plans by contacting Choose Energy today. You can reach our energy experts by calling the number on this page or submitting our online form.

Updated: 9/30/2020