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Allen energy rates

Allen, 25 miles north of Dallas, is the fourth largest city in Collin County, TX. As of January 2021, its population is 108,734. Since Allen is a deregulated city, its residents have the power to choose their own electricity vendor. Varying amounts of electric energy are delivered to the thousands of homes and businesses. Paying cheap electricity rates in Allen would be ideal for the city’s residents. 

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Allen energy deregulation

In 2002, the Texas energy market was deregulated, which made space for energy suppliers to sell energy. Before this decision, energy was delivered by a utility at one rate. As a result, competition within the energy market was nonexistent. 

With the energy market opening up, companies began to compete for business by introducing low rates, energy plans, clean energy sources, and flexible payments options, including prepaid energy plans. This benefited Allen residents, as they now had access to lower energy rates because they no longer had to purchase energy from their local utility company. 

These energy suppliers made it possible for Allen residents to control their energy costs. In Texas, the residential electricity rates are 11.4 percent lower than the national average, according to the Energy Information Administration

So, how can Choose Energy help? By using the Choose Energy marketplace, you can enter your zip code and see Allen electric companies are offering service in your area, but there is so much more that can be done. 

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Allen utility companies & energy providers

Electricity in Texas is delivered by one of five utility companies. In Allen, electricity is delivered to homes and businesses by Oncor Electric. This is where you would report power outages or power line damages. Even though there are multiple energy suppliers reselling electricity to customers, customers cannot choose their utility.

Since there is more than one option available, choosing an electricity provider differs from the process in other states where you may only have one option. As you review the available energy plans, you also have to consider the cost of each plan the provider offers. Allen residents can choose from various providers, including TXU Energy, Constellation, and Just Energy

Choose Energy has made it easy to find suitable Allen electric companies by providing you with a list of options once you enter your zip code above. 

Allen renewable energy

Renewable energy has grown in popularity, as it is a way for people to heat their homes, warm water, grow crops, power devices and more using clean energy. In Texas, renewable energy, specifically wind energy, is a priority. And as a leader in renewable energy, Texas produces close to 30 percent of the country’s wind power supply. Additionally, every month, Texas is within the top five states that produce solar energy, with the state’s solar power production making up 8.1 percent of the country’s solar power supply. 

Allen residents interested in making the switch to renewable energy can find providers using the Choose Energy marketplace. Gexa Energy, Green Mountain Energy and Chariot Energy. only sell green energy plans in Allen. Simply enter your ZIP code to review rates and plans from these clean energy suppliers. 

Allen electric rates in my area

There is a difference in charges for utility transmission throughout the state of Texas. As a result, residents are not always offered similar rates depending on where they reside within the state. It is important to note that when you are searching for Allen electric rates near me, you will also find varying rates based on the company. 

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Allen energy for business

Choose Energy provides business electricity in Allen as well. Call to speak to an energy expert or fill out this form to connect about building a custom Allen business energy plan for your business.