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Galveston energy rates

Located on the coast, Galveston has a population of about 50,000. Since it is home to many businesses and residents, it is critically important that Galveston has access to affordable, efficient and high-quality energy. Like everywhere in Texas, Galveston’s climate is classified as humid subtropical. This means that although temperatures are rarely in excess of 90 degrees F, the humidity often makes it feel much hotter. Since the summer months are the hottest, energy is typically least expensive in the winter months of December to February. Check out Galveston energy rates to see what prices and options are currently available.

Galveston energy deregulation

How has deregulation affected Galveston?

Here’s what the latest statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show:

  • Texas residential electricity rates are nearly 9.5 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas commercial electricity rates are nearly 26 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas industrial electricity rates are nearly 23 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas generates the most electricity of any state from wind.
  • Texas generates the fifth-highest amount of electricity from solar energy.

On January 1, 2002, Texas passed a bill that deregulated the energy market. Although this may sound confusing, the bill is beneficial to consumers because it has led to less expensive energy rates. Prior to the passage of energy deregulation, a single company was responsible for transmitting, delivering, collecting payment and selling energy in Galveston. While this may seem like it makes the process simpler, it actually had the reverse impact because this single utility company had a monopoly on the energy market. This means that the energy company was free to charge any price it wanted. See prices in your area and make the choice that’s right for you.

High demand this summer has placed stress on the Texas electricity grid and driven up wholesale prices. What’s it all mean for savvy Texas electricity customers? That energy rate increases in Texas aren’t going away. Record demand pushed up prices on the wholesale electricity market in mid-August, and those drastic spikes will find their way into rates into the fall.

What’s a Galveston resident to do? Lock in some rate protection now. Enter your ZIP code now and find rates that you’re comfortable with. Remember, however, that if you’re currently in a contract, you could face an early termination fee if you sign up for a new plan.

Galveston utility companies & energy providers

Due to deregulation, the energy market has gone through a major transformation. While it is true that a single company is still responsible for the delivery and transmission of energy, customers can choose from a number of energy suppliers who will facilitate the sales and collection of payments.

Texas-New Mexico Power and CenterPoint Energy are the primary utility services for residents and business owners in Galveston. As one of the largest utility companies in Galveston and the state, Texas-New Mexico Power and CenterPoint Energy have partnered with some of the best energy providers in Galveston, including TriEagle and Bounce Energy.

Galveston renewable energy

Since Galveston is located along the coast, it has an immediate use for wind power and other forms of renewable energy. Thankfully, Texas is currently the top dog where wind power production is concerned.

Given the importance of protecting the environment, Texas-New Mexico Power and CenterPoint Energy has partnered with two energy suppliers to be the preferred supplier of renewable energy in Galveston: Amigo Energy and Green Mountain Energy.

Galveston Energy Facts
Avg Home Size (square feet) 1,508
Avg Monthly Usage (kWh) 1,048
Avg Monthly Bill $100
Potential Annual Savings $377
Utilities Centerpoint Energy, Texas New Mexico Power, Entergy