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Compare Odessa electricity rates

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Compare Odessa electric prices

Located along I-20 near Midland, Odessa is a West Texas city home to nearly 120,000 residents. It’s best known for its quirky attractions, including a Stonehenge replica and the Odessa meteor crater.

In Odessa, electricity is deregulated, enabling locals to shop around for electricity plans and take advantage of cheap rates. With a tool like Choose Energy, you can quickly browse and compare Odessa electric companies and find the one that’s right for you.

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Odessa energy deregulation

Nearly 20 years ago, deregulation took effect in Odessa and most other parts of Texas. It allowed residents and business owners in the Lone Star State to select their preferred electricity provider instead of purchasing power from their local utility. In Texas, electricity companies are also called retail electric providers, or REPs.

As you might expect, the introduction of deregulated energy had many impacts on the community. Most notably, REPs began to compete against one another to earn electricity customers’ business. 

This increased level of competition ushered in lower electricity rates for consumers. Texas electricity rates are consistently below the national average: compared to the U.S. benchmark, Texas residential rates are 11.4% lower, and commercial rates are 28.3% lower.

Choose Energy provides an easy-to-use marketplace that allows energy customers to compare plans and rates in their area. We also work to educate our audience about deregulation through our online resources, including: 

Odessa utility companies & energy providers

Thanks to deregulation, people in Odessa no longer have to buy energy from their utility company. However, utility companies in deregulated areas still serve an essential role. These days, the Odessa utility company (Oncor Electric Delivery) is responsible for delivering power to homes, responding to outages, and repairing downed power lines and poles.

Even though you can’t choose the utility that serves your area, you can buy electricity from the provider of your choice. There’s a long list of Odessa electric companies, but some of the most recognizable include 4Change Energy, Cirro Energy, Frontier Utilities, and TXU Energy.

Odessa electric rates in my area

As we’ve mentioned, competition is high among REPs, with many providers serving multiple areas of Texas. But, it’s important to note that plans aren’t uniformly priced across the state. 

In fact, your rate in Odessa is likely to be different from your friend’s rate in Galveston — even if you have the same provider and plan. That’s because different utility companies have various rates and fees that they charge for energy delivery.

For those reasons, it’s a good idea to compare rates through an energy marketplace, rather than searching for generic terms like “electricity rates in my area” or “electricity rates near me.”

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Odessa energy for business

Do you run a business in Odessa? If so, you also have the power to choose your REP. Start building your custom commercial energy plan today by calling Choose Energy now or submitting this form

Odessa energy FAQs

What is the best electric provider in Odessa?

Since there are so many Odessa electric companies, your first inclination might be to visit Google and search for a term like “best electric company Odessa TX.” Doing that will generate thousands of results, which can be overwhelming. Instead, we recommend using a tool like Choose Energy to compare plans and providers all in one place. You can filter your search based on what you’re looking for (rate type, contract length, etc.) to find the right provider for you.

How can I lower my utility bill in Odessa?

Switching electricity providers is one of the best ways to reduce your utility bill since you can compare current rates and choose whichever one appeals to you. Alternatively, you might be able to lower your utility costs by opting for a renewable energy plan, investing in energy-efficient appliances, or buying a prepaid plan.

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Odessa?

Electricity rates in Texas are notorious for constantly fluctuating based on factors like demand and seasonality. To find the cheapest Odessa electricity rates, you’ll need to use a marketplace like Choose Energy, which displays current prices and plans.