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Odessa is a city in western Texas with a population of about 123,000. The region goes through long, hot summers, and residents have a definite need for an affordable and efficient energy supply with cheap Odessa electricity rates..

Since Texans have been under stay-at-home orders due to the global coronavirus pandemic, residential electricity use reportedly is soaring. Additional usage results in higher bills, which means it makes sense to look for a new energy provider now. 

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Odessa energy deregulation

The Texas Senate deregulated the energy market for the majority of the Lone Star State in 2002. This legislation, which included Odessa, provided customers with the option to select their own energy provider to offer consumers lower electricity rates. 

Deregulation changed that and helped create a natural competition in Texas. That’s good news for Odessa residents:

  • The state’s residential electricity rates are 10 percent lower than the national average.
  • Commercial electricity rates are nearly 23 percent lower than the national average.
  • Industrial electricity rates are nearly 16 percent lower than the national average.

The Choose Energy marketplace offers cheap, no-deposit electricity plans, shares helpful tips on how to move your electricity services, and advice on how to switch providers. Ready for a change? Enter your ZIP code above to see what’s available in Odessa electricity rates.

Odessa utility companies & energy providers

Deregulation made it so the customer has more choices when selecting Odessa suppliers to use for their energy needs. Though the utility will transmit and distribute the electricity, alternate energy providers are available. 

There’s no choice for utilities, and Oncor Electric Delivery is the utility serving Odessa. That means that Oncor transmits and distributes electricity, regardless of the chosen electric supplier. It’s also the company you alert when experiencing an outage.

Providers generate electricity or buy it for resale. Choose Energy makes it easier for consumers to connect to the most trusted providers in the area. TXU Energy, for example, works with Choose Energy and provides Texas with a wide range of plans and services. The same is true for Constellation, another trusted Texas supplier. 

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Odessa renewable energy

Texas has prioritized renewable energy; there’s no doubt about it. No other state rivals the Lone Star State when it comes to generating wind power, of which Texas produces nearly 30 percent of the entire country’s supply. 

Choose Energy works with many Odessa renewable energy suppliers, which makes it easy for residents to go green. Energy providers for Odessa that only sell all-green plans  include Green Mountain Energy and Gexa Energy

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Odessa energy for business

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Updated: 10/22/2020