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Same-Day Electricity

Choose Energy can help you find affordable light plans with same-day electricity connection.

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Sign up for same-day electricity

If you live in Texas or another deregulated energy market, many energy companies may offer same-day electricity services. Learn how to get your electricity turned on the same day you enroll using the following steps.

  • Enter your ZIP code. Find available energy plans for your home.
  • Compare plans. Use the filters to narrow options and choose a plan that best fits your energy needs.
  • Sign up instantly. Enroll online or call our team to order the right same-day electric plan for you.

Compare same-day light companies

Electricity providers such as TXU Energy and Reliant Energy offer same-day services if you call before a specific time and have a smart meter. Same-day electricity means you receive power within 24 hours. 

The earlier in the day you request service, the more likely you will receive power the same day. Find the daily deadline for each energy provider in the following table.


Energy provider Daily deadline (CST) Other details
4Change Energy 2 p.m. Requests submitted after 3 p.m. are handled the next day, except on Sunday. 
Cirro Energy 5 p.m. You can text Cirro Energy’s customer service until 6 p.m. or call until 10 p.m.
Constellation Energy 6:30 p.m.
Direct Energy Contact provider for details 
Discount Power Contact provider for details
Express Energy 3 p.m.
Flagship Power Contact provider for details
Frontier Utilities 5 p.m.
Gexa Energy 2 p.m. Does not offer same-day service for prepaid plans. 
Green Mountain Energy 3 p.m. Available on weekdays and weekends.
Payless Power 6 p.m.
Reliant Energy 5 p.m.
Rhythm Energy 2 p.m.
TriEagle Energy Contact provider for details
TXU Energy 6:30 p.m.
Veteran Energy 3 p.m.

Same-day electricity for your home

Whether you are moving homes or switching providers, same-day electricity ensures you have power for essential needs without delay or inconvenience. When you find a provider and energy plan, choose today’s date during enrollment. After you request same-day service, your electricity provider contacts the local utility company. Depending on the utility, there may be a fee for priority or same-day service. Ask your energy company about specific fees because they vary by location.

Same-day electricity for your apartment

If you are moving into an apartment, same-day electricity is a convenient service. You can stay on schedule with your move without needing to arrange for power ahead of time. It eliminates the stress of waiting for power, so you can enjoy your new space the same day you move in.

Same-day electricity for your business

Commercial electricity requires more steps than the residential process because business energy plans are customized to your usage. If you are switching providers, same-day service may be an option, but setting up electricity for a new business may take two to five days. 

Depending on your business’s credit history, you may pay a higher starting rate. Call the number on your screen to contact our business energy experts and determine the best same-day electricity options in your area.

No credit check same-day electricity

A deposit is usually required to enroll in an electricity plan if you have a low credit score. However, you can sign up for a same-day prepaid electricity plan to avoid paying a deposit. A prepaid plan is a type of no-deposit electricity option where you pay for electricity upfront. 

Instead of receiving a monthly bill based on usage, you purchase a certain amount of electricity per month and add funds as needed. Prepaid plans are a good same-day electricity option for those with low credit or who prefer more control over energy expenses. Confirm with your chosen provider that same-day electricity applies to prepaid plans.

What is same-day electricity?

Same-day electricity is when you receive power the same day you enroll in a new energy plan or switch providers. This option is especially helpful if you are moving homes to access power without delay. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks to determine if same-day electricity is best for you. 

Same-day electricity FAQ’s

How quickly can I expect my electricity to be connected with a same-day service?

You can expect the process to take up to 24 hours for same-day service. Ensure you call before the daily deadline of your chosen energy company, or you may have to wait even longer. 

Are there any additional charges or fees associated with opting for a same-day electricity plan?

Yes. Your utility company may charge a fee for priority or same-day service. Contact your utility or energy company to determine the fee for your service. 

What is the best no-deposit electricity same-day service?

The best no-deposit electricity plan with same-day service depends on your location and preferences. To determine the best option for you, enter your ZIP code on this page and filter for all credit approved to compare no-deposit plan options in your area.