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Duke Energy Ohio

Electric and natural gas utility in Ohio

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About Duke Energy Ohio

Duke Energy Ohio is an electric and natural gas utility company that serves customers in southwest Ohio. The company serves approximately 840,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers spread across Cincinnati, Hamilton, Georgetown, Middletown, Williamsburg, and Bethel. This utility company is owned by Duke Energy, a company that merged with Cinergy Corp in 2006 before expanding its service area to cover Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 7/31/2020 for ZIP Code 45204. Rates may have changed since this date. For the most up to date rates in your area, please visit our natural gas page and enter your zip code.

Understanding deregulation in Ohio

Deregulated energy markets are open for competing energy providers. In these energy markets, consumers have a choice of who to buy power from – retail suppliers or their utility. Competition affects the price you pay for your energy supply every month. Before choosing an energy plan in southwest Ohio, you should consider looking at Duke Energy electric rates to identify the plan that will work best for you.

A deregulated market provides you with different options when it comes to energy suppliers. Essentially, it gives you the power to choose your preferred energy provider and switch if you are not happy with your current service. You can also change your supplier when looking to reduce your electricity costs or go for green energy.

To make the right choice, you should familiarize yourself with the various types of plans, rate structure, length of contracts, payment options, and renewable energy. Remember, however, that switching suppliers while you’re still under contract could result in being charged an early termination fee.

When you want to reduce your energy bill, you should go through supply rates in the utility service area – including Duke Energy electric rates –  to choose the most suitable energy plan.

What is Duke Energy’s price to compare?

The Price to Compare, PTC, is the utility’s average cost per kilowatt-hour for generation and supply service, based on your rate classification. You can use a company’s ‘Price to Compare’ to establish if you will save money when choosing alternative electricity suppliers. Duke Energy cost per kWh is 5.46 cents.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

Providers, also known as competitive suppliers, are companies whose role is to market and sell electricity directly to consumers. On the other hand, a utility owns the infrastructure that delivers electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. In some states, including Ohio, utilities also generate and sell electricity.

Residents of a deregulated market can choose their energy supplier – but not their utility. That means regardless of your supplier, Duke Energy will continue to deliver your electricity.

Which suppliers are available in Duke Energy’s service area?

There are a number of suppliers operating in this market. Choose Energy makes it easy for you to see what is available by simply entering your ZIP code. Some of the top energy providers in this area are Constellation Energy, Direct Energy, Public Power, and Frontier Utilities.

Contact Duke Energy

To report an outage, ask questions about transmission rates or seek clarification about your bill, you should contact Duke Energy directly:

  • Click here to login into your account.
  • Outage phone number: 1-800-543-5599
  • Customer service number: 1-800-544-6900