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How does switching energy providers work?

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Can I switch my electric company?

Yes, if you live in an area of the country with deregulated energy. Fifteen states currently have some level of energy choice, though some have deregulated natural gas instead of electricity. Some states limit access to commercial customers. To see if you could save money on your energy bill, please visit our service areas page, find your state below, or enter your ZIP code above.

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Switching energy providers doesn’t change anything about how your electricity is delivered – you’ll just be billed by a different company at a different rate. Learn more about how to switch energy providers with the free-to-use Choose Energy marketplace.

How do I change my electricity supplier?

You can switch your electricity provider in a few easy steps with the Choose Energy marketplace. Available 24/7, the marketplace shows low rates from top providers in your area so you can compare, choose, and switch hassle-free.

Why should you switch suppliers?

One of the main reasons that people switch suppliers is to find cheaper electricity rates. Choose Energy helps people like you reduce their electric bills by finding fixed-rate plans, no-deposit electricity, or prepaid plans with ease. 

Still not sure if you’re ready to switch? Our why switch resource will give you reasons to take action. If you think it’s time to change your electricity supplier, enter your ZIP code today.