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Texas-New Mexico Power

Utility company in Texas

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About Texas-New Mexico Power

Texas-New Mexico Power, also known as TNMP, began in 1934 as Community Public Service Co. In 1935, it took ownership of Texas-Louisiana Power Co., so the company has been around for decades.

Texas-New Mexico Power provides electricity to more than 255,000 homes and businesses in the Lone Star state. Based in Lewisville, Texas, TNMP employs about 400 people in more than 22 communities in the state. 

Understanding energy deregulation in Texas

Electricity utilities in the U.S. follow many different structures, which vary by state. Some states encourage market competition among energy suppliers, giving the consumers more choice. This is called deregulation

Five million residents in Texas have had the choice of electricity provider since the state was deregulated in 2002.

Put simply, deregulation means Texas electricity customers – or at least about 85 percent of them – have the power to choose the company that supplies the energy they use. These companies are called retail electricity providers (REPs), and they are different from utilities such as Texas-New Mexico Power. 

What’s the difference between a utility and a provider?

Texas-New Mexico Power is a utility, which means it’s the company that delivers electricity to your home. Utilities also maintain the electrical equipment in your area, so those companies respond to power outages and oversee repairs on downed power lines. 

Providers, in contrast, either generate or buy the energy and provide it to the utility for delivery. They also coordinate the process when you switch from one provider to another. These switches usually can be done without a technician visit to your home.

Which suppliers are available in Texas-New Mexico Power’s service area?

If you live in Texas-New Mexico Power’s service area, a variety of suppliers can provide your electricity, including Constellation, Direct Energy, First Choice Power, and 4Change Energy. Rates vary by supplier, so be sure to look into all of your options and compare electricity rates before deciding to make the switch.

Also, it’s important to understand how energy plans work before you commit to a new supplier. Check out our ultimate guide to energy plan lingo if you need clarification on the types of plans you can buy, various rate structures, contract lengths, and more.

Remember this: The process is simple. Just enter your ZIP code on this page, sort through the list of providers in your area by price, term length, or other factors, and sign up online or by calling the number on this page. Either way, it only takes minutes.

Contact Texas-New Mexico Power

Your utility is Texas-New Mexico Power, even if you use an alternative energy supplier. Sometimes you’ll need to contact the company itself. To report outages, find out more about transmission rates, or ask questions about your bill, use the following information:

  • Outage phone number: 1-888-866-7456
  • For any other questions or issues, TNMP has a handy list of topics and contact information on the company website.