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Choose Energy Data Center: The Facts of Energy

Your source for the latest U.S. energy statistics and analysis — because knowledge is power

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The Choose Energy Data Center collects information from government sources and our analysts explain it in a way that makes it easier to understand.

In the Choose Energy Data Center, our analysts compare current data with the previous year, month, or both and show our readers how their states stack up against one another. Paired with the Choose Energy newsroom, the Data Center anchored by the Choose Energy electricity rates by state page, which has been referenced by,, and other major sources presents the facts about energy usage, renewable energy, and electricity prices in the U.S. Check out the following topics, last updated August 2, 2022:

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  • Young woman checking electricity rates by state in her laptop

    Electricity Rates by State

    The monthly Choose Energy® Rate Report shows you just how much energy costs can vary, using electricity prices from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Information on recent rates and fluctuations may help you understand your bill or decide to change your energy plan. Familiar with energy choice and want to sign up for a new plan? Enter your ZIP code above for rates you can secure today.

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  • Cost of Driving by State

    Which states are the most energy-cost efficient for drivers? That depends, of course, on whether a motorist is operating a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle or an electric vehicle. Which means there are multiple answers to that question of vehicle energy-cost effectiveness, and the answers can and do change each month.

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  • Solar power generation farm

    Solar Energy Generation by State

    It probably comes as no surprise that California ranks first among states in generating electricity from solar power. The Golden State generated nearly 39 percent of the U.S. total of 5,590 thousand megawatt hours in January, according to a® analysis of data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Where does your state stand?

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  • Windfarm - The windmills of Palm Springs in California

    Wind Energy Generation by State

    When you think of Texas energy, you probably think about oil derricks and natural gas pumps and the like. But wind turbines increasing have become part of the landscape of the Lone Star State – so much so that Texas leads the nation, by far, in electricity generated by wind. A® analysis of the latest data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows just how much the state dominates.

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  • Nuclear Energy Generation by State

    Regardless of where you stand on nuclear energy, you have to accept that it’s a thing in the U.S. Nuclear power accounted for 20.7 percent of electricity generated in the U.S. in February, the most recent month for which data is available from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. See what’s happening in your state?

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  • Natural Gas Rates by State

    Most homeowners love natural gas – it’s inexpensive (in most places) and burns cleaner than coal and petroleum. Industry owners love the commodity, too.® analysts, by combing through the latest data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration figured out the states where natural gas is cheapest and where the bulk of it is produced in the nation.

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  • Power plant in Texas generating electricity

    Electricity Generation by State

    Do you know where electricity comes from in your state? Depending on the location, energy can come from sources as different as nuclear power and the wind. Throw in a heaping helpful of coal in most states, hydroelectric sources in others and you get a complex energy stew.

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  • Burning coal is biggest culprit for carbon dioxide production.

    Carbon Dioxide Emissions by State

    They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Well, so is its carbon footprint, according to a® analysis of the latest data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Texas produces about 12.7 percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide, according to the numbers. What about your state?

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  • Choose Energy Business Electricity Index

    Oklahoma ranks first in the latest Choose Energy Business Energy Index. Where does your state rank?

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  • The Tesla Model 3 dominates U.S. EV sales.

    Electric vehicle sales by month

    The Tesla Model 3 continued to dominate U.S. electric and hybrid car sales in April 2019, according to  More than half of the electric vehicles sold during the month were Tesla 3s. The next highest selling EV or hybrid was the Tesla Model S.

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