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Compare Connecticut electricity rates

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Connecticut energy rates

Connecticut residents and businesses have the power to choose their electricity provider. It is one of a handful of states across the country that profit from deregulated energy, allowing consumers to find better electricity rates and plan options.

Pick from fixed or variable rates, different term lengths, and green energy to find electricity that works for your needs. Choose Energy works with some of the best energy companies in the business to make sure you know your options. Enter your ZIP code above to see today’s electric rates in your area.

Energy deregulation in Connecticut

The Connecticut state government deregulated the state’s electricity market in May 1992. Energy companies in Connecticut can now compete to offer the best service, and customers can choose to purchase from an independent energy supplier or stay with their area’s utility company.

In addition to electricity, the move deregulated natural gas as well, but only for commercial and industrial business customers. Meanwhile, all residents and businesses have electricity choice. This choice is managed by the state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), which educates consumers on their options through its Energize CT program. PURA is also responsible for licensing energy suppliers before they can do business in the state.

Energy plans in Connecticut

With deregulation, Connecticut consumers have many choices for their energy supply. Below you’ll find links to some of our best guides to help you get started with deregulation, as well as a brief overview of the types of plans you’ll see in our marketplace.

There are a few main plan types to keep in mind when shopping for energy. Your exact rate structure will depend on the plan you choose but will fall into one of these categories. Remember to check the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) of any plan you are considering to understand all of its components.

  • Fixed rate plans. With a fixed rate plan, the price you pay for your electricity is set in your contract and will not change for the duration of your term length.
  • Variable rate plans. These plans are tied directly to the energy market, where prices change constantly. The price you pay for energy will change from month to month depending on fluctuations in the market.
  • Prepaid plans. On this plan structure, you pay for energy before you use it and are alerted throughout the month of your account balance. This is also a popular no deposit and no credit check option.
  • Renewable energy plans. In Connecticut, suppliers are required to offer renewable energy options. Some companies offer renewable energy credits (RECs) while others source 100 percent renewable power.

If you choose not to purchase energy from an independent energy supplier, you will be automatically enrolled in Standard Offer Service (SOS) with your area’s utility company, either Eversource Energy or United Illuminating. This SOS is also your rate to compare, which allows you to see how other suppliers stack up against these utility companies. Enter your ZIP code above to see your rate to compare alongside energy rates from suppliers in your area.

Connecticut energy companies

In Connecticut, consumers can purchase electricity from either the utility company in their area or an energy supplier. Eversource Energy is the main utility company for the region, serving customers across the state. Additionally, the utility company United Illuminating serves areas in New Haven and Fairfield counties.

Beyond these two entities, residential and business customers have a choice amongst many energy suppliers, including . Regardless of which supplier you choose, your utility company will still deliver the power to your home and manage the infrastructure. If you have any emergencies or power outages, contact your utility company – not your supplier!

Find the right energy plan with Choose Energy

Choose Energy is an online energy marketplace powering energy choice across the country. We make it easy to find energy rates in your area by working with top providers to show plans all in one place. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your ZIP code. Compare plans and rates in your area to find what works for you. We get paid by our partners so you can shop for free.
  2. Pick a plan. When you find one you like, sign up online or over the phone in a few minutes. Or, give one of our experts a call and they’ll help you decide.
  3. Enjoy your choice. Your new provider will handle the set up for you. Your work is done!

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