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Compare electricity rates in New Haven

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New Haven energy rates

New Haven is the second largest city in the state of Connecticut, with a population of about 130,000. In addition to those living within the city, there are 862,477 residents in the Greater New Haven municipality. Since New England’s weather is unpredictable, the average New Haven energy prices for commercial business owners and residents can vary, but they are typically highest during winter and lowest at the end of summer and beginning of fall. New Haven energy rates for electricity range from 8.59 cents/kilowatt hour to 12.99 cents/kilowatt hour, depending on when customers buy.

New Haven energy deregulation

Connecticut legislation passed in 1998 deregulated the energy market for New Haven and the remainder of the state. Prior to energy deregulation, New Haven energy needs were provided by a single company. While this may seem simple, this process actually led to higher prices and little competition or choice for consumers. Now, a single utility company still transmits the electricity, but customers can compare prices from several different electricity providers.

Energy deregulation in New Haven has facilitated competition between energy providers. Not only has this led to lower rates for residents in New Haven, but it also gives customers the power of choice. It is now easy to research, assess and select a service provider through an online marketplace.

New Haven utility companies & energy providers

Prior to energy deregulation, a single utility company transmitted, distributed and delivered energy to customers. However, deregulation has led to one utility company transmitting and distributing energy, while another is responsible for selling the service and collecting payments.

United Illuminating Company is the primary wires company in New Haven. However, customers can now choose from a variety of different priced plans that better reflect their needs and wants. Choose Energy has partnered with power companies in New Haven, like North American Power and Public Power for this purpose.

New Haven renewable energy

As states across the country try to increase their renewable energy use Connecticut is no exception, focusing on developing renewable sources of energy like wind power, geothermal power, hydropower, solar power and more.

New Haven is making efforts to follow in the footsteps of its state by implementing green programssuch as a city-wide recycling program, constructing LEED buildings and becoming more bike friendly. Residents interested in reducing their carbon footprint with renewable energy in New Haven have several utility service providers to choose from. Choose Energy has partnered with North American Power to offer more environmentally friendly options.