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Last Updated: January 11, 2023

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Moving to a new address?

Waterbury energy rates

Located along the Naugatuck River in Connecticut, Waterbury is home to more than 100,000 residents. The weather in Waterbury is typified by cold winters with significant snowfall and humid and hot summers. As a result, energy costs in Waterbury can vary significantly from season to season.

Fortunately, Waterbury residents and business owners can gain stability in monthly electricity bills without sacrificing their quality of service. How? With a deregulated energy plan from the Choose Energy marketplace.

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Waterbury energy deregulation

In May 1998, the State of Connecticut passed legislature to deregulate the energy market. In short, this means that instead of a single utility providing every resident’s energy needs, the state would allow residents to choose from a marketplace of suppliers and plans.

Before energy deregulation, the utility company had the ability to charge a high rate for their services, knowing that the consumer would have no choice but to pay. Now, energy deregulation in Waterbury allows consumers to choose their own retail energy supplier at a price that fits their budget.

Waterbury utility companies & energy providers

Even with energy deregulation, your local Waterbury utility will still transmit and distribute your home or business’s electricity; however, customers can pick from a slew of competitive plans and energy providers. Waterbury’s local utility, Eversource Energy (formerly Connecticut Light & Power) serves more than a million customers in the state and is one of the largest energy providers in the nation.

Visit the Choose Energy marketplace to shop plans from the nation’s most-trusted energy providers, such as North American Power and Public Power. Since there are many energy rates and plans to choose from, Waterbury customers can compare prices and shop for the best rate in our marketplace.

Waterbury renewable energy

Residents and business owners in Waterbury who are interested in decreasing their carbon footprint can shop a number of energy plans in our marketplace that include up to 100 percent renewable energy. Simply enter your ZIP code above to start shopping!

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