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Compare electricity rates in Stamford

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Stamford energy rates

More than 130,000 residents of Stamford, Connecticut can take advantage of competitive energy rates from the Choose Energy marketplace. As a part of Connecticut’s deregulated energy system, Stamford residents and business owners can shop for affordable energy rates and plans from a dozen of the nation’s most-trusted retail providers.

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Stamford energy deregulation

Before energy deregulation was introduced, the Stamford energy market was dominated by a single utility that handled every aspect of a customer’s energy needs, from payment and sales to delivery, transmission and more. Since it was dominated by a single entity, this company held a monopoly over the energy market and had control over the price.

Energy deregulation in Connecticut and other states has introduced competition in the energy marketplace, thus giving consumers more choice when it comes to selecting their energy providers – and how much they pay for their energy.

Stamford residents and business owners now have the opportunity to compare prices from a multitude of providers. Energy deregulation in Stamford has led to greater competition between providers, which has translated to lower utility prices for ratepayers.

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Stamford utility companies & energy providers

Energy deregulation in Stamford gives consumers the power to shop the best plan for their budget and needs. However, your local utility company, Eversource Energy, will still be in charge of delivering your power and maintaining all lines and infrastructure. If you experience a power outage before or after switching, contact your local Stamford utility directly.

Stamford renewable energy

Residents looking for renewable energy in Stamford will be happy to know that Choose Energy’s marketplace features plans from a number of retail providers that source up to 100 percent of their power from renewables.