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About Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy is an Exelon company that services homes and businesses throughout the United States. It provides natural gas, renewable energy, energy management systems, energy efficiency, and distributed energy solutions. The company operates in Texas and other deregulated energy states.

Constellation offers adaptive renewable energy options as the electric industry trends toward integrating more clean sources. It also works to deliver power to communities most in need by partnering with various charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and by utilizing its very own grant program, Community Champions.

Roughly 2 million homes and businesses get their power from Constellation Energy. Enter your ZIP code in the search box above to see if their plans are available in your area.

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Constellation Energy's energy plans

12-Month Flat Tier Product

This is a fixed-rate plan that is 12 months in length. Pay the same electricity-supply rates each month for service.

Power to Connect Usage Bill Credit

Usage Bill Credit plans charge you a fixed-rate each month but give you a credit at certain levels of use. The term length of this plan is 30 months.

24-Month Usage Bill Credit

Same format as the above electricity plan, but with a term length of 24 months.

12-Month No Minimum-Usage Fee

A minimum usage fee is an extra charge on your electric bill that is applied if you don’t meet the minimum kWh consumption level each month. That fee is waived in this fixed-rate, 12-month plan.

24-Month A/C Protect Premier for 2 Units

This is a month to month plan, meaning no term length or early termination fee, with a fixed monthly rate. It includes a protection plan for two A/C units.

Constellations Energy reviews

Overall score: 3.8 out of 5

Shopping for a deregulated energy plan can seem overwhelming. With the sheer number of potential energy providers, many find it difficult to narrow down their options. Choose Energy wants to help empower consumers to find the right electricity plan at an affordable rate.

To ensure that our customers are able to choose a great energy provider, Choose Energy compiled a scoring model to review some of the top electric providers in our marketplace. The Choose Energy reviews model is based on unbiased and quantitative criteria to ensure provider scores remain objective.

We’ve broken down our scoring model into three main categories:

  • Customer service
  • Online accessibility
  • Business history

Using these criteria, Choose Energy assigns impartial reviews to top electricity providers in deregulated areas. To learn more about electric provider reviews, see our full list here.

Customer service

  • P2C Complaint score: 3
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 0

In the customer service category, the P2C complaint score is taken from the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ most recent scorecard, which can be found here. The Texas scorecard was used as it offers an unbiased view of each provider’s performance in the eyes of a regulatory authority. Satisfaction guarantee was ranked on a yes or no basis.

  • Total customer service score: 1.5

Online accessibility

  • Online bill pay: 5
  • Online chat: 5
  • Access to usage alerts & trends: 5

For each of these measures, providers were assessed on a yes or no basis. Constellation Energy offers its customers online bill pay, an online chat feature, and access to usage alerts and trends.

  • Total online accessibility score: 5.0

Business history

  • Years in business: 5
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation: 5

Constellation Energy has been in business for 21 years, earning them a five on the Choose Energy scorecard. Meanwhile, Constellation Energy has been Better Business Bureau accredited since 2013 and holds an A+ BBB rating. While the BBB is a paid accreditation, we have included it here as a measure of brand awareness in the eyes of the consumer.

  • Total business history score: 4.7

To read more energy provider reviews, see the full reviews guide.

(Review updated 3/24/2021)

Constellation Energy main energy services

Constellation energy for residential customers

Constellation offers a variety of fixed-rate electricity plans and natural gas options that fit with most budgets. It also provides renewable energy plans at fixed rates that can be 100% wind, solar, or a combination of both.

Constellation Energy also provides various home services, such as a professional energy efficiency assessment, a smart home security system, or all-in-one energy and A/C bundle.

Constellation Energy for business customers

Small businesses and larger commercial or industrial customers have access to Constellation Energy electric rates as well. They can also choose from a varied list of natural gas or renewably sourced energy plans, working with Constellation to find the most energy-efficient plan.

Green energy options with Constellation Energy

Constellation Offsite Renewables (CORe) and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are two ways businesses can take advantage of Constellation’s renewable programs. CORe offers businesses access to offsite renewable energy through retail power contracts, and RECs give businesses the ability to publicly claim they have procured renewable energy to help advertise their sustainability goals.

For residential customers, sourcing your energy from 100% wind power is an easy way to take advantage of Constellation Energy’s renewable energy profile.

The company also installs on-site solar panels at no upfront cost to the customer. Constellation does this by still owning and maintaining the system, while you purchase the energy that is produced by the solar PV. This can be done for either business or residential customers.

Other Constellation Energy initiatives

Constellation energy plans can come with tools to help your system safely adapt to the changing grid. Things such as cogeneration, backup generation, batteries, and fuel cells are becoming an ever-growing part of the energy industry.

Community investment

As previously mentioned, Constellation Energy has a vested interest in working with the communities it serves. One of its strongest allies is Habitat for Humanity, with whom they work with to provide affordable power to homes in need. It also gives through E2: Energy to Educate, providing grants for projects that teach students about energy. The company also has its Community Champions grant program, where customers can apply for smaller grants for passion projects.

Energy plan FAQs

What is a fixed-rate plan?

A fixed-rate plan means you pay the same electricity supply rates every month on your electric bill. The length of the bill can vary, from month-to-month, 12 months, 24 months, or even 30 months

What is a variable-rate plan?

A variable-rate plan means your electricity supply rates per month for electricity fluctuate with the wholesale price of the electricity.

Who do I call if there’s an outage?

Don’t call your electricity provider, but your local utility company regarding any power outage. It is responsible for delivering electricity to your home or business and maintaining the lines that get it there.

What happens if I move?

Contact your provider to see if it offers Texas electric plans to your new address. If it does, you can still continue service with your provider by updating information. If not, click here to learn more about switching providers. If you can demonstrate that you are moving, you normally won’t owe an early termination fee.

Why does Chooseenergy run a credit check?

We run what is called a soft credit check, which determines whether you need to pay a deposit for service and how large that deposit will be.

A few things to remember

  • Don’t forget to read your plan’s Electricity Facts Label before you sign up for service. This contains essential information such as:
    • Price per KW-hour
    • Early termination fees
    • What percentage of your power is renewably sourced
  • Whatever energy provider you choose will set up service with your utility company or your transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP). There shouldn’t be a break in your power supply during this transition.
  • The same TDSP that delivers your electricity will maintain your electric infrastructure. Utility fees are labeled as TDU or TDSP on your monthly bill and are separate from your provider charges.
  • For more info, read our in-depth guide on buying electricity.

Contact Constellation Energy

  • Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Bill pay: Log into your Constellation Energy account here or call 855-465-1244
  • Customer service:
    • Texas customers: 866-917-8271
    • Georgia customers: 877-677-4355
    • Other areas: 855-465-1244
  • Outages: Contact your utility company

Updated: 8/28/2020