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In Georgia, you can choose your natural gas supplier. Join the more than 300,000 Georgians who have already switched their supplier. You’ll get the same reliable natural gas service – only now on your terms. Need a good reason to switch? Georgia residents saved up to 22% on natural gas bills last year by switching. Enter your ZIP code above to begin the process.

Energy deregulation in Georgia and how it started

Georgia’s road to energy deregulation began with the passing of Senate Bill 215 in 1997, making it the first state to deregulate its natural gas. Under this legislation, current Georgia residents living in the Atlanta Gas Light Company’s (AGLC) utility service area can benefit from a deregulated natural gas market.

The Georgia Public Service Commission oversees Georgia’s deregulated energy market and the maintenance of consumers’ rights. Per the Natural Gas Consumers’ Relief Act, Georgia’s customers are entitled to affordable natural gas services from high quality, reliable marketers.

Georgia’s deregulated natural gas options offered by Choose Energy provide the state’s customers a place to explore and compare energy plans from competitive, certified suppliers. Enter your ZIP code above to see what’s available.

Who can buy deregulated energy plans in Georgia?

The Georgia deregulated energy market is one of the nation’s smallest. Only Georgia consumers who reside within the AGLC utility area are eligible to purchase a deregulated energy plan through Choose Energy. Currently, some residents and business owners in AtlantaAugusta and Macon can compare rates and purchase a deregulated natural gas plan by entering their ZIP code above.


AGL area AGL consumer Deregulated electricity Deregulated natural gas
Atlanta Residential No Yes
Augusta Small Business No Yes
Macon Commercial / Industrial 900 kW + Yes

In Georgia, the purchase of a deregulated electricity plan within the AGLC area is only available to commercial consumers using 900 kW or more. To find out if your commercial business qualifies for a deregulated electricity plan, click here. If your business does qualify, Choose Energy can help you explore and compare electricity supply rates.

Do I have to purchase a deregulated energy plan?

No, you don’t! Georgia residents are not required to purchase deregulated natural gas or electricity plans, even within the AGLC service areas. If you decide not to purchase a plan through any gas marketer, your home or business’s natural gas will be supplied either by SCANA Energy or another local utility company at a default rate.

Keep in mind: Default companies are not required to offer you a competitive natural gas rate.

Who provides the natural gas to my home or business?

Georgia’s deregulated natural gas market allows customers to choose a certified gas marketer through the Choose Energy marketplace, where you can compare plan types and competitive rates to find a budget-friendly fit.

Natural gas marketers in Georgia:

Although your natural gas is supplied through a partnered gas marketer, the delivery and maintenance of your home or business’s energy is handled by the AGLC utility. Once you sign up for a natural gas plan through the Choose Energy marketplace, your new supplier will communicate with AGLC so that there are no interruptions to your power.

If you have any power outages or emergencies, contact your local utility – not your supplier!

What types of plans and products are offered in Georgia?

  • Fixed-rate plans: Fixed-rate plans are offered for Georgia customers, ranging in length from six months to three years and ensure a constant, predictable monthly energy rate for the duration of the contract. Bills will vary according to usage and other factors.
  • Variable-rate plans: Variable rate plans are a good option for Georgia customers who do not want to be locked into any long-term contracts. This type of plan usually includes a fluctuating monthly rate for its term length but often doesn’t impose hefty cancellation fees.
  • Green/Renewable electricity plans: Green electricity plans are only available to Georgia’s commercial businesses that use at least 900 kW a month. Green electricity plans use anywhere from 5% to 100% of their energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power. Some electricity plans include the option for customers to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) to further offset customers’ carbon emissions.
  • Home Services: Constellation Energy does more than supply customers’ natural gas – it also offers a variety of home services to its eligible customers. These home services include roof repairs, window upgrades, HVAC installation and more, all aimed at helping customers save money on their monthly energy bills.

Enter your ZIP code above to explore your deregulated energy options. You also can get more information about how and why to switch.


(Last updated 5/21/2019)

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