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Natural Gas Rates in Georgia 2024

Discover cheap natural gas from Georgia’s best providers.

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Georgia natural gas rates

Residents and business owners in the Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGLC) service area have the power to choose their natural gas provider to find the most affordable option. Based on the latest data from the Energy Information Administration, the average residential natural gas rate in Georgia is $16.22 per thousand cubic feet.

Before deregulation, Georgians were limited to receiving their natural gas from their utility company, which would charge a single price. The deregulated market allows you to compare natural gas providers in Georgia and choose the company and plan that works best for you.

As you compare Georgia natural gas providers, you’ll find plans with different term lengths and rate types. Enter your ZIP code to explore today’s natural gas rates in Georgia.

Natural gas plans in Georgia

As you compare natural gas rates in Georgia, you may notice different plan types. The most common types of natural gas options are fixed-rate and variable-rate plans. Here’s how they compare.

  • Fixed-rate plans let you lock in an energy rate for the duration of your plan (typically 12 months or longer). If you’re willing to commit to one of these plans, you may find that your energy bill will become more predictable.
  • Variable-rate plans are preferable for customers who don’t want to sign a long-term contract. They’re generally offered on a monthly basis and are easier to cancel than fixed-rate plans, although the rate you pay may change from month to month.

If you choose not to purchase your natural gas from a supplier, your energy will be provided by a default company at a standard rate called the Price to Compare. However, this default rate isn’t always the lowest price, so it can be worth shopping around to find the best natural gas rates in Georgia.

Georgia gas companies

Georgia’s main natural gas distribution utility is Atlanta Gas Light Company, which provides natural gas service to more than 1.6 million residential and commercial customers. The utility company delivers service to your home and maintains power lines and electrical infrastructure.

Your utility is determined by where you live, so you can’t choose which utility services your home. However, those living in AGLC’s service area can select their natural gas provider to find the best natural gas rates in Georgia. There are several natural gas companies to compare, including Constellation Energy, Georgia Natural Gas, Xoom Energy, and more.

You can use the free Choose Energy marketplace to find and compare Georgia gas companies near you. Enter your ZIP code on this page to compare current natural gas prices and gas companies in Augusta, Atlanta, Savannah, and other Georgia cities.

Monthly average therm usage in Georgia

Natural gas is measured in units called “therms.” Natural gas companies charge customers a certain dollar amount for every therm they use in a month. The average therm usage in your home will depend on several factors, including seasonal temperatures. The more natural gas you use in a month, the higher your bill will be.

According to data from Gas South, the monthly average therm usage in Georgia is about 11–27 therms in the spring and summer. In the fall and winter, the monthly average usage rises to between 65–175 therms. The significant usage difference between seasons is primarily due to internal heating, which often relies on natural gas.

Energy deregulation in Georgia

In 1998, Georgia passed Senate Bill 215, deregulating the natural gas market in AGLC’s service area. This made Georgia the first state in the U.S. to offer deregulated natural gas. As a result, competition in the natural gas market increased. Providers can now work to earn customers’ business by offering more competitive rates and plans.

While natural gas is deregulated in Georgia, the electricity market is not. Georgia residents can only receive electricity service from their utility company. However, commercial and industrial properties using at least 900 kilowatts of electricity can choose their electricity provider.

The Georgia Public Service Commission is the state’s utilities commission. It monitors the deregulated natural gas market and protects consumers’ rights.

Find the right natural gas plan with Choose Energy

With the Choose Energy marketplace, you can navigate the deregulated energy market and lock in the best natural gas rates in Georgia. Here’s how the process works.

  • Enter your ZIP code to compare today’s natural gas rates in Georgia.
  • Browse available plans and providers near you, filtering by contract length, plan type, and more.
  • Select your plan and sign up in minutes. You won’t need to worry about switching your service or managing your setup. Your new natural gas provider will take care of it on your behalf.

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