Sharyland Utilites

Sharyland Electricity Choice

Sharyland Utilities, the utility company serving over 50,000 Texans, will allow residents to choose their energy provider come May 1, 2014.  What Does That Mean? For those living in Stanton, Colorado City, Brady and Celeste service areas (~75 zip codes or so) they now have a choice of electricity suppliers. Instead of paying the default […]

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Solar Installation

Installing Solar Part 3

Choosing a Supplier and Installing The System: By Kerry Cooper   Selecting the contractor We received  4 different lease options and 2 different purchase options bids from different contractors. Of those, three were 5,600 kWh systems where the pool solar is currently [offsetting ~83% of our usage]. Another bid was for a 4,700 kWh system […]

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Wind Turbines

Wind Generation In Texas

On March 26th, wind generation in Texas reached a new output record, hitting 10,296 MW, according to ERCOT. This record output of wind accounted for nearly 30% of electricity on the ERCOT grid at the time, and responsible for the electricity of over 5 million homes.  Texas is the leader of wind generation, and there […]

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Polar Vortex Weather System Brings Artic Temperatures Across Wide Swath Of U.S.

Polar Vortex and Municipal Aggregation in Illinois

Municipal Aggregation in Illinois Sorry, Chicagoans- but the pain from the polar vortex isn’t quite over. Crain’s Chicago published a great story on how the lingering pains from the polar vortex will affect municipal aggregation in Illinois. One supplier will add a one time fee to the bill of roughly 220,000 residents (~1/3 of it’s […]

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Natural Gas Pipes

Your Spring Natural Gas Bill

Spring Natural Gas There’s no way around it- winter was simply awful. The incredible cold fronts, record snow, and the polar vortex took a monstrous toll on utility bills. Natural gas bills soared to unprecedented levels.  This is because of the supply and demand economics of the natural gas market. Essentially, the system works like […]

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Chicago Skyline

Chicago Municipal Aggregation

2014 municipal aggregation for the city of Chicago will be more expensive, and the details are in the fine print. In fact, residents of Chicago will be paying about $15 more per month on utility bills, compared to last year. This isn’t good news, and will end up costing households nearly $200 in unnecessary electricity […]

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