Moving to Texas this summer? Join the #TexasCool folks

The Choose Energy Team
By The Choose Energy Team July 9th, 2019
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What is #TexasCool?

Nearly half a million people move to Texas each year.

More than a half million people move to Texas annually, for many of the same reasons people move to other states: Jobs, family, education, retirement. But there’s another big reason people move to the Lone Star State. Because it’s cool – make that #TexasCool. There’s even a saying about it: “Wasn’t born in Texas, but go there as fast as I could.”

Texas is known for food, beverages, entertainment, historical sites, technology hubs, and more. And just because the temperatures can rocket during the summer – there were 23 days in DallasFort Worth last year in which the thermometer topped 100 degrees – doesn’t have to mean you have to be hot.

We launched our #TexasCool page this week with daily Top 5 ways to beat some aspect of the heat – or cool things to do while slogging through it.

We believe these won’t just be useful to new Texans. Sometimes it’s too easy for long-time residents of a state to take its wonders for granted. We’re targeting them to be fun – and useful – for Texans of all stripes.

And quite frankly, we can’t do it without veteran Texans and even newcomers: Every week we’ll ask for votes on what you think are some of the coolest things about Texas. And we’ll start that off today. Our first question:

What’s the coolest Texas beach? Tell us your opinion on Facebook and/or Twitter or email – be sure to include the #TexasCool hashtag with your answer.

But wait, there’s more

As we said above, #TexasCool wants to help you cool off during the hot summer. We’ll do that by helping select Texans pay their summer electricity bills – to the tune of $300 in Visa gift cards.

How will we select people to help? It’s easy. Simply submit, in 140 characters or fewer, your take on the following topic: I’m #TexasCool and this is why should help me with my electricity costs this summer. There are several ways to enter, and remember your accounts must be public so we can see the answers:

We’ll pick one winner each week through Sept. 13 and announce the winner on our social media accounts.

What you should know about Choose Energy and Texas electricity

Texas is one of a handful of states with deregulated energy markets. About 85 percent of the state’s residents can pick the company that supplies their electricity. And that’s where comes in.

Choose Energy helps people make that choice. Some people are looking for low rates. Some are looking for price security – the knowledge that the electricity supply rate they pay will remain stable. Some are looking for green energy. Some are looking for a familiar brand. It all starts with your ZIP code, and there’s no obligation to check it out.

When you purchase an electricity plan from one of the suppliers we feature, we receive compensation. You don’t have to purchase electricity to participate in #TexasCool or win help with your summer electricity bills.

So why are we so gung-ho about #TexasCool. Because we think the state is cool and want Texans to stay cool, and we want to spend the summer telling folks why and how.

Check out our #TexasCool page today for our first Top 5 list – Our Top 5 things you didn’t know about Texas. Better yet – bookmark the #TexasCool page and come back every day for a new list. And come back here every week for our #TexasCoolTuesday blog post.

Let San Diego stay classy. We prefer you stay #TexasCool.

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