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Energy provider spotlight: TXU Energy

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TXU Energy is a popular retail energy provider in Texas.

TXU Energy is a Texas retail energy provider (REP) that has operated across the Lone Star State since 1984. Not only is TXU Energy one of the top energy companies in Texas, but it is also among the most popular providers on the Choose Energy® marketplace.

TXU Energy is known for its satisfaction guarantee, variety of plan options, and reliable service. The Choose Energy review system scored this provider a 4.8 out of 5. Read on to learn more about TXU Energy, its Texas energy plans, and what makes this electricity company unique.

TXU Energy electricity plans and rates

As summer temperatures rise throughout Texas, energy prices are likely to spike This means it could be time for residents with a variable-rate plan to consider switching to a new electricity plan. Keep in mind that Texas electric rates can change daily based on variations in the market, your location, and energy usage. Here are some of the best TXU Energy plans available this summer.

Smart Edge 12 plan

This plan currently has the lowest rate offered by TXU Energy on the Choose Energy marketplace – 9.9 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The Smart Edge 12 plan is fixed rate, meaning the rate you pay will stay the same regardless of whether the demand for energy rises during the hot weather. Texans may also find this plan appealing because it includes a $30 bill credit when you use more than 800 kWh. The Choose Energy marketplace estimates that consumers would have a $99 monthly bill (for 1000 kWh) with this plan.

Season Pass 12 plan

The Season Pass 12 plan offers a 50 percent discount on energy usage fees during the summer months of June, July, and August. That discount also applies in the winter months of December, January, and February. This plan is also fixed-rate, meaning you will have a predictable energy rate throughout your contract. Choose Energy estimates you will see an average monthly bill of $149 for 1000 kWh of usage with this plan.

Free Nights & Solar Days 12

The Free Nights & Solar Days plan is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. It is also a fixed-rate plan, providing security during the hot Texas summer. During the day, your electricity will come from solar power. And at night, TXU Energy offers free electricity. With this plan, Choose Energy predicts an average bill of $149 for 1000 kWh.

The common theme with these recommended plans is that they are all fixed-rate options. During times of high energy demand, like when summer temperatures spike and everyone relies more on their air conditioning, the wholesale price of power can increase. Under a fixed-rate plan, you will be protected from these spikes and the rate you pay will stay the same.

What sets TXU Energy apart?

TXU Energy has a long history in the Texas electricity space. The company’s origins began in 1882 as the Dallas Electric Lighting Company. The company went through several mergers, acquisitions, and name changes over the next 100 years. And in 1984, Texas Power & Light, Dallas Power & Light, and Texas Electric Service Company merged to create TXU Energy.

Aside from the variety of energy plans it offers, TXU Energy is unique among its competitors because of its investment in its communities. Its TXU Energy Aid program assists consumers struggling to pay their electricity bills. This provider estimates its aid program helps about 20,000 customers every year.

What’s more, TXU Energy began its 2021 Beat the Heat program, which includes “drive-thru distributions of new air conditioning units and fans, summer energy conservation tips, and information on financial assistance available both at the state level and for TXU Energy customers.” The Beat the Heat program also contributed $75,000 to social service organizations across Texas.

“For too many Texas families, the summer season brings stress. Whether that’s worrying about how to pay their electricity bill or facing the dangerous reality of not being able to keep cool, TXU Energy wants to lighten the load,” said Scott Hudson, president of TXU Energy. “Our team is dually focused on helping provide immediate relief from the heat and spreading the word about a range of bill-payment assistance options for those in need. We want people to know that help is available.”


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