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Compare Plano electricity rates

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Compare Plano electric prices

With a population of just over 287,000, Plano is a fast-growing city located about 20 miles northeast of Dallas. Plano is rich with Texas history as the home of the Heritage Farmstead Museum and the Interurban Railway Museum.

Like most other areas of Texas, Plano is a deregulated city. As an energy consumer, this affords you the power to choose your electricity company and benefit from cheap energy rates.

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Plano energy deregulation

Since 2002, Texans have been able to take advantage of deregulated electricity. When deregulation came into effect, it marked a significant change for the state since it meant that locals no longer had to buy energy from their utility companies. 

As a result, more electric companies entered the market and began working to earn the business of Texas energy consumers. In the years since, Texas has had lower electricity rates than many other states. Texas residential electricity rates are 11.4% lower, and commercial rates are 28.3% lower than the U.S. average.

At Choose Energy, we’ve created our marketplace to help energy customers find and compare the best electricity rates. We’ve also written several guides and articles to help our audience understand the ins and outs of deregulation, including: 

Plano utility companies & energy providers

In deregulated Texas cities like Plano, electricity plans are sold by providers (and not utility companies). However, utilities still play a vital role since they’re in charge of delivering electricity to homes and businesses. Plus, they’re responsible for fixing power outages and downed power lines within their service area. Oncor Electric Delivery is the Plano utility company.

On the other hand, energy customers can choose from several Plano electric companies. If you enter your Plano ZIP code on, you’ll likely see plans from providers such as Constellation Energy, Discount Power, Payless Power, and TXU Energy.

Plano renewable energy

Due to extreme temperatures and the large population, electricity is in high demand in Texas, explaining why the state has started to embrace renewable energy. The Lone Star State is one of the top producers of renewable energy in the U.S., generating the most electricity from wind sources of all states. It also ranks in the top five for solar generation.

These days, renewable plans are pretty common in Texas, with some suppliers even specializing in green energy. If you live in Plano and you’re interested in buying power from an all-green provider, look for plans from Gexa Energy or Green Mountain Energy.

Plano electric rates in my area

When you’re shopping for a new plan, you should only view rates that apply to your area. By using a tool like Choose Energy, you’ll be able to see rates that include the fees charged by your local utility. But if you search for less specific terms like “electricity rates in my area” or “electricity rates near me,” you could miss important pricing information.

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Plano energy for business

Like homeowners and renters, business owners can also shop around for affordable electricity plans in Plano — and Choose Energy can help. Reach out to an energy expert today by calling the phone number on this page or submitting our form.

Plano energy FAQs

How do I choose an electricity provider in Plano?

Check out our energy buying guide for everything you need to know about choosing a provider. In short, however, you’ll want to know what type of plan you’re looking for (such as a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan), the contract length you prefer, and your preferred payment option (prepaid or postpaid).

What is a good provider in Plano?

There are many reputable Plano electric companies, so the best one depends on what you’re looking for in an energy company. Are you interested in learning more about an individual supplier? Check out our providers page, which includes reviews, plan types, and more information about each provider on our site. It’s much more efficient than piecing together different Google search results for “best electric company Plano TX.”

How can I lower my utility bill in Plano?

You have a few options if you’re trying to lower your utility bill in Plano, including switching providers. Similarly, purchasing a prepaid or renewable electricity plan can also help cut costs.