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Pflugerville energy rates

The city of Pflugerville has been made a part of the Texas energy deregulation that occurred in 2002. That gave the residents of Pflugerville the power to choose their own electricity provider. This power means Pflugerville residents can shop around and find the best energy rates for their area.

Here at Choose Energy we are committed to helping Texas residents find the most affordable and reliable electricity provider. Simply enter your ZIP code to get started finding electricity rates in Pflugerville.

Pflugerville energy deregulation

Texas got energy deregulation on January 1, 2002, when Bill 7 was passed by the Texas Senate, giving 85% of the state’s residents the power to choose their own energy providers. Pflugerville is one of the cities included in the energy deregulation plans, and nothing about electricity service has been the same since. Now Pflugerville residents can easily choose the best electric company near me.

Energy deregulation has helped to keep electricity rates in Pflugerville more affordable than in most parts of the country. Residents are able to shop for their own electricity providers, and this competition means when looking for the best electricity rates Pflugerville is included. 

In fact, Texas residential customers enjoy average rates 10% below the national average. Business and industry also benefits, with commercial electricity rates nearly 23% below the national average and industrial electricity rates nearly 16% below the national average. 

Texas residents also have the benefits of green energy as Texas electricity generation from wind is the greatest of any state in the U.S. In addition, Texas is also the fifth largest producer of electricity from solar power.

The Choose Energy marketplace was designed to help consumers by allowing them to search for plans in their area. With the easy-to-use Choose Energy tool consumers can search for energy providers in their area and compare providers rates and plans. 

Choose Energy works with these providers to deliver the best electricity rates and plans. Providers pay Choose Energy when we refer a new customer to them, and it costs consumers nothing to use the marketplace. Plus the marketplace also helps with the following:

Pflugerville utility companies & energy providers

In Pflugerville consumers are served by the Oncor utility company. Utility companies are assigned to consumers, unlike the electricity providers. An electric utility in Texas is responsible for maintaining the electricity infrastructure and delivering electricity to homes, businesses, and industry. By comparison the Pflugerville electricity providers are responsible for generating or buying electricity to sell to consumers, businesses, and industries.

While it isn’t possible to choose your utility company in Pflugerville, it is possible to choose your electricity provider. There are quite a few to choose from too, such as 4Change Energy, Constellation, and TXU Energy. These are only  a small handful of the dozens of energy providers that Pflugerville residents can choose after using the tool. We can help to find cheap electricity for Pflugerville.

To report a power outage or an issue with your electricity service in Pflugerville, call 1-800-242-9113 or visit the Oncor service outage page.

Pflugerville renewable energy

Texas is the largest generator of electricity from wind power in the U.S. and the fifth largest solar power generator.  As a result green energy is popular and plentiful in Texas. Consumers will receive part of their electricity from these green sources no matter which provider they choose, but some providers focus on green energy in Texas. 

“Green only” providers include Gexa Energy and Green Mountain Energy. Texas is leading the U.S. in renewable energy usage too, and in April 2020 27.6% of all electricity used in Texas came from wind power. An additional 2.2% came from solar power.

You can start doing your part for the environment too. Simply enter your ZIP code in the box provided and we will let you compare electric rates Pflugerville and plans from all the providers in your area, including the green providers.

Pflugerville energy for business

Choose Energy provides energy for business as well. Call to speak to an energy expert or fill out this form to connect about building a custom energy plan for your business.