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Compare electricity rates in Pflugerville

For business

Compare Pflugerville electric prices

Since Texas deregulated its energy market more than two decades ago, Pflugerville residents have had the opportunity to choose their own electricity providers. By choosing your provider, you can compare lower electricity rates in your area and find an electricity company that best fits your needs.

To shop for today’s electricity rates in Pflugerville, enter your ZIP code above and explore plans available near you.

Pflugerville utility companies and energy providers

Residents of Pflugerville can choose their electricity provider from a variety of candidates in the area. The provider will generate and supply the electricity that powers your home. You have plenty of providers to choose from in Pflugerville, including TXU Energy, 4Change Energy, and Direct Energy.

While your electricity provider supplies the energy to your home, your local utility company still delivers the electricity and maintains the electric infrastructure. Utility companies are also in charge of restoring power when there is an outage. You can’t choose your own utility company — your utility depends on where you live. The utility company for Pflugerville is Oncor Electric Delivery.

Types of electricity plans in Pflugerville

Pflugerville residents have several types of electricity plans to choose from when they shop with the Choose Energy marketplace:

  • Fixed-rate electricity plans normally involve signing a contract, which often range from 12 to 36 months. Your electricity rate is locked into your contract, meaning it won’t fluctuate. You don’t have to worry about spice hikes when electricity demand is high, but you also don’t enjoy savings when demand is low. Fixed-rate plans are ideal for consumers who want stability and security in their energy plan.
  • Variable-rate energy plans don’t have a contract or a locked-in rate. You’re on a month-to-month plan, meaning you can cancel any time. The rate you pay each month fluctuates with the wholesale energy market, meaning your rate can change from one month to the next.
  • No-deposit electricity plans don’t have the upfront deposit required by many electricity plans. Some no-deposit plans are designed for those with good credit, while others skip the credit check altogether. A prepaid plan is a type of no-deposit plan where you pay for your electricity upfront and add more funds to your account when it starts to run low.

Pflugerville green energy

Texas is one of the nation’s largest producers of renewable energy, appearing at the top (or near the top) of the lists for both wind energy and solar energy generation. Because of the state’s investment in renewable energy, Pflugerville residents have an easy time finding renewable energy electricity plans.

Each electricity plan in Texas contains a percentage of green energy, which you can learn about in the plan’s Electricity Facts Label. Today, an increasing number of companies are offering 100 percent green energy plans. And a handful of companies only offer 100 percent green energy plans. Those energy providers are Gexa Energy, Green Mountain Energy, and Chariot Energy.

Pflugerville energy for business

Because of deregulation in Texas, business owners in Pflugerville also get to choose their own energy providers. To learn more about commercial electricity plans or get a customized quote for your Pflugerville business, visit our business energy page.

Pflugerville electric rates in my area

Electricity rates can vary across the state of Texas. Because of different utility transmission charges and other factors, the rate someone pays in one part of the state could be entirely different from what you pay in your area, even for the same plan. For that reason, be sure to get a quote for where you live. With the Choose Energy marketplace, you can check current electricity rates offered in your area. Enter your ZIP code above to get started.

Moving to Pflugerville?

Are you moving to Pflugerville? Located just outside the booming city of Austin, Pflugerville has plenty to offer tourists and residents alike. And as more residents move to Pflugerville, the demand for affordable and reliable energy has grown, too.

When you move to a deregulated area, you have to shop for an electricity plan. Depending on where you’re moving from, you might be able to keep your same plan. But if you’re moving from another state or your current provider doesn’t serve Pflugerville, then you can use the Choose Energy marketplace to shop for your new plan. Just enter your ZIP code to get started.

Frequently asked questions about Pflugerville energy

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Pflugerville?

The cheapest electricity rate in Pflugerville in June 2021 is 5.6 cents per kWh available through Express Energy.You should enter your ZIP code above to check that this rate is offered at your address since rates can vary by location.

What is the average electric bill in Texas?

Texas residents pay an average electricity rate of 11.49 cents per kWh, with an average monthly bill of $135.31 per month. Your energy bill in Pflugerville will be determined by how much energy your home or business uses each month.

When is the best time to shop for a Pflugerville energy plan?

Electricity rates are often lower during the spring and fall seasons when people are using less electricity and demand is lower. You may be able to lock in a lower fixed rate if you shop during the off-peak months.

How can I lower my electricity bill in Pflugerville?

You can lower your electricity bill by adopting energy-saving habits, including turning off lights and appliances when you aren’t using them. But an even more effective way to reduce your bill is to switch energy providers to one with a lower rate.