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Texas City energy rates

More than 45,000 residents reside in the coastal region of Texas City. In addition to the shorelines and port, Texas City also benefits from a deregulated energy market. Deregulation allows consumers to choose their energy suppliers in Texas City and aim to obtain better energy rates.

Texas City energy prices can fluctuate. Depending on the time of year, consumers may find lower rates when shopping for energy plans. Learn more about Texas City energy rates and the options that are currently available by entering your ZIP code above.

Texas City energy deregulation

How has deregulation impacted Texas City?

Here’s the latest statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration:

  • Texas residential electricity rates are nearly 9.5 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas commercial electricity rates are nearly 26 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas industrial electricity rates are nearly 23 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas generates the most electricity of any state from wind.
  • Texas generates the fifth-highest amount of electricity from solar energy.

Texas deregulated its energy market in 2002, enabling the power to choose in Texas City and across the state. That means consumers may select their energy provider from a pool of companies. The idea was deregulation would result in competitive pricing between companies and lower energy rates for consumers.

Because of deregulation, Texas City residents are no longer limited to a single energy provider. Like shopping for a reliable and reasonably-priced refrigerator, consumers in Texas City can choose the best and most affordable energy supplier. Enter your ZIP code above to see what suppliers are offering in your area.

Texas City utility companies and energy providers

Texas City deregulation has also affected operations for utility services. The three main components – transmission, distribution, and sales – were previously facilitated by the same utility service. While the utility company still facilitates energy transmission and distribution, consumers can now choose between numerous energy suppliers in Texas City.

With so many Texas City energy suppliers, it can be difficult to know which service is best for you. Choose Energy works with some of the most reliable companies, such as Reliant EnergyTriEagle Energy, and TXU Energy.

Texas City renewable energy

Texas is one of the country’s biggest producers of wind power generation and has reached number five in the category of net generation of renewable energy. Several energy suppliers in Texas City offer renewable energy plans. With a green energy plan, you can offset some, or all, of your monthly electricity consumption and reduce your environmental footprint.

Next steps for an energy plan in Texas City

Enter your ZIP code to find the most accurate real-time electricity rates in Texas City. You can sort by price, plan term length, brand, and more. When you find the plan you like, sign up online or call to order. Either way, it only takes minutes.