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Compare League City energy rates

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League City energy rates

Sitting near the Greater Houston area, League City is home to nearly 105,000 residents. With a growing population and soaring summer temperatures, high-quality, dependable energy is crucial. League City is a deregulated area. That means residents can shop for an energy plan that fits their needs. 

Enter your zip code above to see which energy plans are available in your neighborhood. It’s just that easy.  

League City energy deregulation

Texas deregulated its energy market in 2002. This gave residents of regions such as League City the ability to choose their energy supplier in the hopes of driving down energy bill prices.

How has deregulation affected League City?

Check out the latest statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration:

  • Texas residential electricity rates are nearly 10.2 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas commercial electricity rates are nearly 26.5 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas industrial electricity rates are nearly 24.4 percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas generates the most electricity of any state from wind.
  • Texas generates the second-highest amount of electricity from solar energy.

The Choose Energy marketplace helps users make an informed decision about their next electricity plan through a number of resources. In addition to shopping for a new plan, you can: 

League City utility companies & energy providers

Deregulation in League City has also impacted utility services. The three main components – transmission, distribution, and sales – were previously facilitated by the same utility service. Energy transmission and distribution are still facilitated by the utility company in League City, but now consumers are given a choice of energy providers., who Providers sell electricity to the consumer and collect payments each month. These same energy suppliers also set the prices for their services.

Electricity providers in League City include 4Change Energy, Frontier Utilities, and TXU Energy. Keep in mind that you still need to call your utility company when there is an outage. For League City, that company is CenterPoint Energy.

League City renewable energy

With its supply of wind turbines, Texas leads the U.S. in generating renewable energy. Many League City energy suppliers offer renewable energy plans. In using green energy, you can offset some, or all, of your monthly electricity consumption. Because many electric companies buy clean energy from in-state sources, choosing a renewable energy plan may also support job growth in Texas.

Suppliers that only offer green energy plans in League City include Green Mountain Energy, Chariot Energy, and Gexa Energy

League City electric rates in my area

Finding electricity rates in League City is better than finding general rates for the entire state. Based on utility transmission fees and other variables, you might pay more or less for the same plan in other Texas cities. That doesn’t mean that you have to conduct web searches for “best electric rates near me” or “cheap electricity rates in my area.”

Those searches would generate pages of results and take hours to go through. There’s a much easier way. All you have to do is enter your zip code above and start shopping. 

League City energy for business

Own a commercial venture in League City, TX? Choose Energy also provides business energy plans. Because companies have more complicated needs and varied levels of usage, we recommend calling to speak to a business energy expert.

You can also fill out this form to connect with a power pro about building a personalized energy plan for your business.