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Humble energy rates

Located just northeast of the mega energy hub of Houston, Humble has come a long way in its 130-year history. Originally a logging and cattle industry hotbed, Humble later became a booming oil town. Great electricity rates in Humble remain important to keep things rolling.

The area is home to about 15,000 people and is most known for being the home of noted entrepreneur, philanthropist, and aviator Howard Hughes.

Humble’s weather during the Texas months can get quite hot; winters are fairly cold, too. Residents certainly need efficient, affordable energy necessary to heat and cool their homes and businesses, and that’s where Choose Energy comes in.

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Humble energy deregulation

Before 2002, one utility company serviced each area in Texas, and the state regulated prices. This system made it impossible for customers to access better electricity rates. The decision to deregulate the Texas energy industry in 202 changed that and created competition among providers. 

That’s good news for residents of Humble! Deregulation means that energy consumers have the power to choose among a number of different suppliers when they sign up for an electricity plan. 

In Humble, CenterPoint is the utility. It’s responsible for transmitting and distributing electricity. Regardless of which company you choose as your electricity supplier, CenterPoint will remain the utility. In the event of an outage or downed power lines or other infrastructure issues, contact CenterPoint. 

What can you find in the Choose Energy marketplace? Different plan types – fixed or variable rate, a range of term lengths, and other features. Choose Energy also offers no-deposit electricity plans and gives you assistance when you need to move your electricity services or switch providers

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Humble utility companies & energy providers

Deregulation gives Humble residents a choice of energy providers – but it doesn’t allow choice of utility companies. CenterPoint transmits and distributes electricity no matter the supplier. 

With so many companies offering services, searching for the best energy plan in Humble can be overwhelming. Choose Energy helps consumers connect to some of the most trusted suppliers in Humble. 4Change Energy, Direct Energy, and TXU Energy are among the companies that partner with Choose Energy to provide Humble with a range of plans. 

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Humble renewable energy

Did you know that the Lone Star State is a leader in renewable energy — specifically in wind power generation? Texas produces nearly 30 percent of the country’s entire supply. It also ranks highly in solar generation, making Texas a true U.S. leader in green energy. 

Providers include a percentage of renewable energy in every plan, and Choose Energy also works with energy suppliers for Humble that only sell green energy: Iberdrola Texas, Chariot Energy, Green Mountain Energy, and Gexa Energy fall into that category.

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Humble energy for business

Business owners in Humble also have a chance to cash in on potential savings from deregulation, and Choose Energy can help. Call to speak to an expert or simply fill out this form to learn more about custom Humble business energy plans.