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Looking for Midland electricity rates? Midland is a city in Texas with a population of 134,610. It’s common for summer temperatures to up around 100 degrees in the state with winter temperatures seeing lows around 34 degrees. Such wild temperature fluctuations throughout the year can mean that it’s important to find the best energy rates.  

Most of Texas has been deregulated for energy, which means that residents have the power to choose their Midland electricity providers.

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Midland energy deregulation

In 2002, Texas rolled out the process to deregulate most of the state’s energy market. Residents now get to choose their energy provider from a selection of companies. To get your business, these companies now have an incentive to offer the lower rates and deals, leading to cheap electricity in Midland.

Some of the top benefits of this deregulation include:

  • Texas rates are 10 percent less than the national average for residential electricity.
  • Texas rates are nearly 23 percent less than the national average for commercial electricity.
  • Texas rates are nearly 16 percent less than the national average for industrial electricity.

Through our free Choose Energy marketplace, you can compare plans, Midland electricity rates, and Midland electric suppliers to find the plan that best fits your budget. Simply enter your ZIP code above to find the best electricity rates in Midland! You do not have to search “best electric company near me.”

You can also read more about purchasing electricity in the energy buying guide and prepaid buying guide.

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Midland utility companies & energy providers

Since deregulation, energy providers and utilities have different functions. It used to be that utilities controlled the whole process, from transmission to distribution to energy sales. Now, the utility service transmits and distributes, while the providers buy or generate Midland’s energy. For instance, you would report outages to the utility. It’s an important distinction to keep in mind while shopping.

You have a wide selection of providers to choose from when looking for Midland electricity rates. Some of the most popular providers in the Midland area include 4Change Energy, Gexa Energy, and TXU Energy.  

Midland renewable energy

Texas is a national leader in renewable energy, being in first place for wind energy and consistently in the top 5 for solar energy.

Since the demand for renewable energy is only getting higher, that means Midland residents have a great deal of choice in finding companies that offer renewable energy. Choose Energy works with providers including Gexa Energy and Green Mountain that only sell 100 percent green energy plans in the Midland area. Simply enter your ZIP code to compare electric rates in Midland and your green energy options.  

Midland energy for business

You can also find energy for businesses through Choose Energy. You can either call or fill out this form to get further information on making a customized energy plan for your business.