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Compare Grapevine Electricity Companies and Rates

Written by Sean Jackson


Edited by Aviva Hauser


Last Updated: May 16, 2024

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Moving to a new address?

Grapevine electricity rates

Plan NamePlan LengthRate*
Express Energy - Flash 1212 months$0.116/ kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver Select 1212 months$0.116/ kWh
Frontier Utilities - Frontier Saver Plus 1212 months$0.116/ kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 1212 months$0.116/ kWh
Cirro - Simple Bill Credit 2424 months$0.119/ kWh
Discount Power - Bill Credit Bundle 2424 months$0.119/ kWh
Veteran Energy - Valor 2424 months$0.145/ kWh
Reliant - Power Savings 24 plan24 months$0.155/ kWh
TriEagle Energy - Real Deal 3636 months$0.159/ kWh
Rhythm Energy - Clear Choice 1212 months$0.159/ kWh
Direct Energy - Live Brighter Lite 2424 months$0.165/ kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Edge 1212 months$0.165/ kWh
BKV Energy - Lantana 3636 months$0.171/ kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred24 months$0.178/ kWh
Payless Power - 12 Month - prepaid12 months$0.188/ kWh

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 7/17/2024, 9:46:30 AM CDT for ZIP Code 76051. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

*All pricing shown in cents per kWh

Your power to choose electricity in Grapevine

In 2002, Texas legislators voted to deregulate the state’s energy market, paving the way for energy consumers to access a competitive electricity market for more affordable rates. In other words, in a deregulated energy market, you have the power to choose your electric company in Grapevine, TX. This can be very helpful, as you have a wider variety of plans and affordable rates. is not affiliated with Power to Choose,, or the PUCT.

Grapevine utility companies and energy providers

Most of Texas is a deregulated energy market. Therefore, if you’re a resident or business owner in Grapevine, you can choose your energy provider, and you don’t have to buy power from your Grapevine utilities. A utility transmits electricity and maintains utility lines and other transmission infrastructure. In Grapevine, the utility company is Oncor Electric Delivery.

On the other hand, an energy provider is responsible for generating electricity and selling it to customers. Some of the popular Grapevine electricity providers include TXU Energy, 4Change Energy, Direct Energy, and Constellation.

Power outages in Grapevine

If you need to report a power outage or downed wire, contact Oncor Electric Delivery. Your utility company, not your energy supplier, is responsible for maintaining the power grid. Oncor Electric Delivery has an online power outage portal, you can call them at 888-313-4747, or you can text OUT to 66267.

Types of electricity plans in Grapevine

As you shop for electricity plans in Grapevine, there are several different options available on the Choose Energy marketplace. Here’s a quick look at each one:

  • Fixed-rate plans: A fixed-rate plan is when you secure a low rate for an entire contract. Terms range from one to three years, depending on your provider. This makes predicting your bill easier since you don’t have to worry about price hikes. However, because you’re locked in, you can only switch plans during your term if you pay an early termination fee (ETF). 
  • Variable-rate plans: Your electricity rate will fluctuate monthly based on energy market conditions with a variable-rate plan, meaning your cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of power could increase. However, you’re not subject to an ETF if you decide to switch plans.
  • Prepaid or no-deposit plans: Many electric companies in Grapevine will run a credit check before beginning service. If you don’t meet their credit threshold, you may be required to pay a deposit. If you’d rather avoid a deposit, you can go with a no-deposit plan, such as the popular prepaid energy plan, where you pay for your electrical service as you go. When your balance runs low, your provider will send an email or a text alert to add funds.

You can explore which types of plans are available in Grapevine by entering your ZIP code on this page. Then you can filter for specific types of electricity plans.

Grapevine green energy

Texas is one of the leading states for green energy. Therefore, Grapevine residents and businesses can easily source renewable electricity and find affordable plans with wind and solar energy.

All electricity plans in Texas include some green energy. Your plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) provides the exact percentage. Now, many electricity companies have green energy plans available in addition to their other plans.

Several energy providers offer 100% green energy plans, sometimes at no additional cost. Providers specializing in green energy plans include Gexa Energy. Enter your ZIP code to learn about the green energy plans and rates in Grapevine, TX, today. 

Grapevine energy for business

Business owners also have the option to choose light companies in Grapevine. Choose Energy simplifies the process to save you time and money. You can fill out our business energy form or call the number on your screen to speak with one of our energy experts to get access to personalized energy solutions for your business.

How to compare electricity rates with

Shopping for the best electric rates is easy with Choose Energy. Because energy rates fluctuate based on utility transmission fees, you may pay a different rate than someone using the same provider in a different area. You’ll want to do the following to ensure you receive accurate rates: 

  • Enter your ZIP code: Doing this gives you access to the best plans with all the best electricity companies in Grapevine. 
  • Sign up in minutes: After you compare electricity in Grapevine and you find the plan that works best for you, you can sign up online within minutes. You can also call the number on the screen if you need assistance from our energy experts.
  • Enjoy: Once you sign up, your new provider will handle the rest of the account setup with no interruption in your service.

Moving or switching providers in Grapevine

Whether you’re moving to Grapevine or just switching providers, you can find a new electric provider through our marketplace.

Moving to a new address

If you’re moving to Grapevine, you’ll want to set up service around two weeks before your move-in date. Use our free, independent marketplace to find the most affordable rates with the top providers by providing us with your ZIP code. 

Switching energy providers

Our marketplace makes it simple to switch providers fast. Grab a copy of your latest power bill to ensure you know your home’s energy usage, then use the Choose Energy marketplace to find a new plan based on that usage. Once you find a new plan, your new provider will handle the switch.

Frequently asked questions about Grapevine energy

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Grapevine?

Currently, 4Change Energy, Discount Power, Frontier Utilities, and Gexa Energy offer the cheapest electric rates in Grapevine. However, energy rates fluctuate often, so it’s best if you enter your ZIP code in the search field to find the most up-to-date prices.

How do I find the best electricity plan in Grapevine?

The best available plan varies depending on your energy needs, goals, and use habits. Our energy buying guide can help you make sense of all the available plans. Enter your ZIP code on the Choose Energy marketplace to learn about electricity rates and plans in Grapevine. You can then filter and compare your options to find the best plans to meet your needs. 

How can I lower my electricity bill in Grapevine?

Securing the right energy plan for your home or business is a simple way to reduce your power bill. You could also reduce your energy consumption by weatherizing your home, using LED light bulbs, and conserving hot water use. Our guide to lowering your electricity bills provides tips on buying energy-efficient appliances, unplugging certain devices, and more.

What is a good rate per kWh in Grapevine?

The average cost in Texas in February 2024 was 14.31 cents cents per kWh, according to the latest Energy Information Administration (EIA) data. However, a “good” rate for your home or business depends on plan features and your energy needs. Consider all your options before securing a plan.

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