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Harker Heights energy rates

Harker Heights is a city in Bell County, part of the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area. With a population of roughly 32,000, the city can get quite hot. With fairly cold winters, too, residents rely on affordable electricity rates in Harker Heights to provide energy necessary to heat and cool their homes and businesses.

That’s where Choose Energy can provide a hand. Our marketplace shows you some of the best electric rates for Harker Heights. Enter your ZIP code to see what’s available in your area.

Harker Heights energy deregulation

Deregulation can be confusing at first glance. Think of it instead as energy choice. Before 2002, one utility provided electricity each area of Texas and the state regulated prices. Because of this, customers couldn’t shop for better electricity plans for prices. Texas’s decision to deregulate its energy gave most electricity customers options. 

Harker Heights energy consumers have the power to choose among a number of different suppliers when they shop for an energy plan. 

But while there is choice among providers, residents still need a company to deliver electricity to their homes and businesses – that’s where utilities still have a role. Oncor is the utility in Harker Heights and is responsible for transmitting and distributing electricity from whichever provider you choose. You’ll also contact Oncor if there’s an outage or if you spot infrastructure issues such as downed lines. 

Back to providers. With all the options, the marketplace can be confusing, but Choose Energy helps cut through the clutter. We offer different rates, term lengths, and plans and allow you to select no-deposit electricity plans. Our resources can demonstrate how to move your electricity services or switch providers

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Harker Heights utility companies & energy providers

As mentioned previously, deregulation created a choice of energy providers for Harker Heights residents. But it doesn’t offer choice for another class of energy company – the utility. In Harker Heights, Oncor transmits and distributes electricity to residences and businesses.

The good news: Choose Energy helps consumers connect to some of the most trusted suppliers in Harker Heights. 4Change Energy, TXU Energy, and Reliant Energy are among providers offered. 

Enter your ZIP code above and see those providers and more in your area.

Harker Heights renewable energy

When it comes to renewable energy, Texas is a major step ahead of the rest of the country. The Lone Star State produces nearly 30 percent of the country’s entire wind energy supply and ranks highly for solar energy as well. 

In addition, providers in Texas offer a percentage of renewable energy in every plan, and most will increase that percentage if you request it. Some electricity provides for Harker Heights sell only plans sourced by green energy – Green Mountain Energy and Gexa Energy are among those. 

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Harker Heights energy for business

Deregulation isn’t just for residential users. Businesses in Harker Heights also can take advantage of energy choice. Call to speak to an expert or simply fill out this form to learn more about custom Harker Heights business energy plans.