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Rosenberg is a city in the Houston metropolitan area with an estimated population of 38,307 as of 2019. It is well known in the area for holding the Fort Bend CountyFair each October.

The city of Rosenberg has been made a part of the Texas energy deregulation that occurred in 2002. 

Deregulation means residents of Rosenberg have the power to choose their own electricity provider. This power means residents can shop around and find the best electricity rates in Rosenberg.

Here at Choose Energy we are committed to helping Texas residents find the most affordable and reliable Rosenberg electricity providers. Let us help you find the best electricity rates Rosenberg. Simply enter your ZIP code to get started.

Rosenberg energy deregulation

Energy deregulation in Texas was approved by the Texas Senate on January 1, 2002, with plans to phase in the deregulation over several years. Soon after Rosenberg residents got the power to choose their own electricity provider.

Thanks to deregulation electricity costs in Rosenberg have remained more affordable. Competition among providers ensures that Rosenberg residents are able to shop around to find savings on their electricity rates. On average Texas residential customers see rates which are 10% below the national average. Business and industry does even better, with commercial electricity rates nearly 23% below the national average and industrial electricity rates nearly 16% below the national average. 

Texas residents can also benefit from clean, green energy as Texas generates the most electricity 

from wind of any state, and is also the fifth largest producer of electricity from solar power.

Choose Energy has been working with Texas residents since 2008 to make energy choice easy and simple. The mission is to aid consumers in their power to choose an electricity provider by offering clear information and a set of easy-to-use tools. In the process Choose Energy hopes to demystify energy deregulation and connect consumers with the best energy plans at the best rates. We help to compare electric rates Rosenberg.

If you’re wondering about the best electric company near me, the Choose Energy comparison tool is the heart of helping consumers choose their best plans. It is simple to use and allows consumers to search for providers and then compare available plans and prices to find a perfect energy plan. Along the way consumers can also use the service for the following:

Rosenberg utility companies & energy providers

In Rosenberg consumers are served by the CenterPoint utility company. Consumers don’t choose their utility companies, which are different from the providers. The utility company is primarily responsible for the actual delivery of electricity and the infrastructure needed to do so, while providers generate or buy the electricity and sell it to consumers.

While it isn’t possible to choose your utility company in Rosenberg ,it is possible to choose your electricity provider. There are quite a few to choose from too, such as 4Change Energy, Constellation, and TXU Energy. These are among multiple energy providers that residents can choose to find cheap electricity Rosenberg by using the tool provided by Choose Energy.

To report power outages or issues with electricity service in Rosenberg, visit the CenterPoint outage center or call them at 1-800-332-7143.


Rosenberg renewable energy

Texas is already the fifth largest solar power generator in the U.S. and the largest generator of electricity from wind power. That’s led to some suppliers focusing on green energy. One of the goals of energy deregulation was also a shift to clean energy and Bill 7 called for an increase in the capacity of renewable resource generation in Texas to 5,880 MWs by 2015 and 10,000 MWs by 2025. 

Texas is handily outpacing that already, and in April 2020 27.6% of all electricity used in Texas came from wind power. An additional 2.2% came from solar power. Consumers who want to be kind to the environment can choose to get their power from the “green energy suppliers” Gexa Energy and Green Mountain Energy, although all providers source some of their electricity from green sources.

You can start doing your part for the environment too. Simply enter your ZIP code in the box provided and we will let you compare the electricity rates Rosenberg and plans from all the providers in your area, including the green providers.

Rosenberg energy for business

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