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Why not seek low New Jersey electric rates?

Residents in New Jersey are among 15 states where residential electricity is deregulated – meaning they have a choice of suppliers from which to purchase power. That means they have the opportunity to purchase rates lower than those offered by the state’s main utilities: JCPL, PSEG, Atlantic City Electric and Rockland Electric. Choose Energy® can help!

Comparing prices is easy. Simply enter your ZIP code above and we’ll show you rates from top providers. For example, if you live in the Jersey City ZIP code of 07302, you could pay as little as 10.59 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity. The state average for January – the most recent month available from the U.S. Energy Information Administration – is 15.72 cents/kWh.

The best thing? You could be getting a leg up on your neighbors: Fewer than 17 percent of New Jersey residents take advantage of energy choice, according to a recent survey conducted by Choose Energy. Enter your ZIP code above and see if you can save!

What you should know if you're moving to New Jersey

If you’re moving to New Jersey, you should know that it’s a state where energy is deregulated. What does that mean? It means customers can select their energy providers. Suppliers compete for customers on price and such features as renewable energy mix, plan length and plan type. Enter your ZIP code above to see what’s available in your area.

Regardless of which provider you pick, the electricity will be delivered to your home by a utility, which is responsible for maintaining and repairing power lines. If you lose power, call that utility.

New Jersey energy at a glance - latest quarter

Electricity rates Cost (cents/kWh) Natural gas rates Cost (dollars/1,000 cubic feet)
Residential 15.96 Residential 9.31
Commercial 11.98 Commercial 9.33
Industrial 10.18 Industrial 8.49

Largest electricity source – natural gas, 51.7%

New Jersey energy deregulation: The history

New Jersey passed the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act in 1999, kicking off the energy deregulation process for New Jersey consumers. Through the EDECA, New Jersey residents won the right to choose electricity and natural gas plans based on competitive rates and personal budgets.

Since the New Jersey energy market was deregulated, residents have had the opportunity to save on their energy supply rates by exploring energy plans that align with their lifestyles through the Choose Energy marketplace.

Who provides the electricity?

In New Jersey’s deregulated energy market, energy suppliers provide the electricity, and utility companies deliver the electricity to your home or business. When you purchase a plan through the Choose Energy marketplace, your new supplier will communicate with your local utility company so that your gas or electricity is delivered without power interruptions.

If you have power emergencies or outages, contact your local utility company – not your electricity supplier!

Are New Jersey home or business owners required to buy a deregulated energy plan?

If you own a home or business in New Jersey, you are not required to purchase a deregulated plan. If you choose not to, your electricity and natural gas will be supplied by your local utility company at its default monthly rate. However, paying the monthly default rate will potentially have you spending more money per month on your energy bill, so explore the Choose Energy marketplace to see if you can find a better deal on your monthly energy costs.

Are there renewable energy options in New Jersey?

Renewable energy currently supplies around 5% of New Jersey’s electricity, and that number will continue to grow as green sources become more common and affordable. The state’s biggest renewable source is solar energy, followed by biomass and wind energy. Many of the New Jersey electricity suppliers on the Choose Energy marketplace incorporate a percentage of renewable energy into their plans, with some using 100% of energy from renewable sources.

What types of plans and products are offered in New Jersey?

Fixed plan: Fixed plans usually require a contract for a term length ranging anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. Customers who choose a fixed plan will pay the same electricity supply rate every month of the contract, regardless of how the default electricity rate fluctuates. A fixed plan provides predictability and rate security to customers who choose this option, though monthly bills will vary based on electricity usage.

Floating plan: Also known as a variable-rate plan, a floating plan offers more flexibility for New Jersey customers because it does not require a long-term contract. However, customers can be charged a different rate every month because of the rise and fall of electricity prices.

Hybrid plan: A hybrid plan often includes features of both fixed plans and floating plans. For example, some hybrid plans will have the customer pay a fixed rate for part of the contract period, and a variable rate for the remainder. Other hybrid plans will provide the customer a fixed rate for part of the electricity supply, and a variable rate for the rest. Contact the supplier for questions about a plan.

Green/Renewable energy plan: New Jersey is dedicated to making green energy accessible to its residents. The state’s energy companies offer several different green energy plans through the Choose Energy marketplace. With so many term lengths and plan types to choose from, green energy plans can fit into most budgets.

Home Services: A number of Choose Energy’s New Jersey partners offer services that go beyond electricity supply. Constellation, and other state electricity suppliers provide additional home services such as HVAC installation, smart thermostats, roof repairs and more.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): New Jersey homeowners or business owners can purchase RECs from the state’s electricity providers. RECs are used to further offset a customer’s carbon contributions and help support sustainable energy sources.

I’m ready to look for a deregulated energy plan! Now what?

Now that you have all the facts, you can make a great choice. Simply enter your New Jersey ZIP code above to find a rate, plan type, and term length that fits your lifestyle and budget. Homeowners, commercial business owners and small business operators can purchase deregulated energy plans through Choose Energy – start exploring!


(Last updated 6/17/2019)

  • "I'm excited to go green, but even more excited that it's cheaper than my old rate! Plus, I locked in a fixed rate for six months."

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