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Jersey Central Power & Light

Electric utility in New Jersey

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About Jersey Central Power & Light

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), a subsidiary of FirstEnergy, provides electrical services to 1.1 million customers in central and northern New Jersey. As a utility company in New Jersey’s deregulated market, it serves as both an electricity distributor and supplier for residents and businesses in the Garden State.

If you live in central or northern New Jersey cities such as Chatham, Flemington, Morristown, Point Pleasant Beach, and Short Hills, JCP&L delivers your electricity. Read on to learn more about JCP&L electric rates and competitors.

Understanding deregulation in New Jersey

The United States launched the Energy Policy Act in 1992, allowing residents the freedom to choose their energy suppliers. In 1999, New Jersey moved to deregulate the state’s electric and gas services. Deregulation is designed to break up the market and let residents of New Jersey select either their default supplier, such as Jersey Central Power and Light, or an alternative electric company for their energy needs.

It’s important to note that deregulation doesn’t mean utility companies and energy providers have no oversight. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) oversees these companies to ensure they provide fair rates and adequate service in the Garden State. You can contact NJPBU at 1-800-624-0241 to file any complaints about your service.

As you research competitive prices and plans, it’s important to educate yourself about deregulation and other aspects of choosing an energy provider. Explore our essential energy buying guide along with details on how to switch energy providers. Choose Energy also has you covered with tips on lowering your electricity bill and finding no-deposit electricity plans.

What is Jersey Central Power & Light’s price to compare?

The price to compare is the rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) offered by your local supplier. This default rate is provided by JCP&L, and you can compare with electric rates from other providers. The JCP&L price to compare is currently  9.29 cents/kWh.

If a third-party electric company’s rate is lower than the JCP&L price to compare, you can select the best option in your area that meets your needs. Ready to compare rates and plans? Enter your ZIP code for a free, no-commitment listing of the cheapest electricity rates near you.

Difference between a utility and energy provider

In deregulated markets, utility companies and energy providers play different roles. A utility company is responsible for maintaining power lines and infrastructures such as wires, poles, and meters. You can’t choose your utility, and regardless of whether you get your energy from your local utility company or another provider, you should always contact your utility about power outages.

An energy supplier works with both the utility company and the customer. The supplier sells electricity to customers through rates and plans. In New Jersey, you can buy your electricity directly from your utility or purchase it from another supplier. That means you can compare how much JCP&L charges per kWh with other providers’ rates to find the best solution for your budget.

Providers available in Jersey Central Power & Light’s service area

Due to New Jersey’s deregulation, various suppliers are available to residents and businesses. Many third-party energy providers in JCP&L’s region are approved and licensed under New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities, including Constellation Energy and Direct Energy. Some providers, such as Green Mountain Energy, even offer 100% green energy plans powered by solar or other renewable sources.

You don’t have to hunt down rates and plan information from each provider independently. With Choose Energy’s free marketplace, you can access provider reviews, compare all-inclusive rates, and choose your plan all in one place. Enter your ZIP code to start comparing electric rates near you.

Contact Jersey Central Power & Light

If you live in JCP&L’s service area, contact the utility to report power emergencies and outages. If you purchase electricity from JCP&L, you can also inquire about your bill or transmission rates.

  • Access your Jersey Central Power & Light account here.
  • To contact customer service, call 1-800-662-3115 or send an email with general inquiries.
  • To report a power outage or emergency safety-related issues, call 1-888-544-4877 or notify JCP&L here.