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About First Choice Power

First Choice Power is a retail electricity provider (REP) that has served residents and businesses across Texas for 70 years. This provider offers affordable fixed rate, variable rate and green energy plans lasting from 12 to 36 months. In 2011, First Choice Power was acquired by Direct Energy, one of the largest retail providers of electricity and natural gas in North America.

First Choice Power plans

You Got This 36 plan

With this plan, you will pay a fixed rate for 36 months without worrying about seasonal changes in the energy market.

You Got This After Hours 12 plan

This plan provides a fixed rate for 12 months and free electricity usage every night from 9pm – 7am for 12 months.

You Got This Green 12 plan

This plan uses renewable energy to power your home. It lasts 12 months and has a fixed rate for the duration of the plan.

You Got This Free Weekends 24 plan

Under this plan, you will not be charged for the electricity you consume on the weekends for the length of your 24-month contract.

First Choice Power review

Choose Energy score: 3.8 out of 5

Shopping for a deregulated energy plan can seem overwhelming. With the sheer number of potential energy providers, many find it difficult to narrow down their options. Choose Energy wants to help empower consumers to find the right electricity plan at an affordable rate.

To ensure that our customers are able to choose a great energy provider, Choose Energy compiled a scoring model to review top electric providers in Texas. The Choose Energy reviews model is based on unbiased and quantitative criteria to ensure provider scores remain objective.

We’ve broken down our scoring model into three main categories:

  • Customer service
  • Online accessibility
  • Business history

Using these criteria, Choose Energy assigns impartial reviews to top electricity providers in Texas. To learn more about electric provider reviews, see our full list here.

Customer service: 4.0 out of 5

  • P2C complaint score: 3
  • Satisfaction guarantee: 5

The P2C complaint score in the customer service category comes from the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ most recent scorecard, which can be found here. Satisfaction guarantee was ranked on a yes or no basis. First Choice Power maintains a 2 on the P2C scorecard but offers a satisfaction guarantee, which improved the overall score for customer service.

Online accessibility: 5 out of 5

  • Online bill pay: 5
  • Online chat: 5
  • Access to usage alerts & trends: 5

For each of these measures, providers were assessed on a yes or no basis. First Choice Power offers customers all of these options, earning the company a perfect score for online accessibility.

Business history: 2.5 out of 5

  • Years in business: 5
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation: 0

First Choice Power has been in business for over 70 years, making it a veteran in the deregulated space and earning it 5 points. However, the company is not BBB-accredited. While companies must pay for a BBB accreditation, we believe it shows a desire for brand awareness and trust that we felt was important to include.

(Review updated 10/28/2020)

First Choice Power core energy services

First Choice Power for home

First Choice Power offers affordable and reliable energy plans for residents across Texas. This company emphasizes convenience and provides month-to-month, short-term, and long-term contracts. First Choice Power also partners with local nonprofit organizations in the areas it serves.

First Choice Power for business

First Choice Power delivers electricity and natural gas plans for businesses under its parent company, Direct Energy. These plans are customized to fit each individual business’s needs.

Green Energy with First Choice Power

First Choice Power offers customers the option of choosing a green energy plan, which draws power from renewable energy sources. Enter your ZIP code above to see available green energy plans in your area.

Additional First Choice Power initiatives

Care to Share Fund

First Choice Power’s Care to Share Fund is a customer-funded bill assistance program providing aid to households struggling to pay their electric bill. It is tax-deductible and customers can donate to this fund monthly by opting in on their payment form.

Community outreach

First Choice Power gives back to its communities in several ways. It provides grants to teachers in local schools, connects employees with volunteering opportunities, and partners with nonprofit organizations.

First Choice Power service areas

Texas electricity rates FAQ

Fixed and variable rate energy plans

Fixed and variable rates determine whether your rates will fluctuate during your contract. A fixed rate plan sets your electricity rate. This rate will not change, regardless of variations in the energy market. A variable rate plan does not protect you from these changes, and you may see your energy rate fluctuate. However, variable rate plans can allow you to benefit from lows in the market. For a detailed breakdown, please see our energy buying guide.

Deposits and credit checks

Most retail energy providers require credit checks or deposits before your electricity service can begin. When you select a plan, we’ll tell you if you will need to pay a deposit. To learn more about credit checks and no-deposit options, see our deposits page.

Moving your electricity service

If you are moving to a new address, you will not be charged an early termination fee. This means you can choose to remain with your current provider or switch to a different provider at no charge. You can shop for a new energy plan up to 90 days before your move. Most homes have smart meters installed, so your service can be activated without a technician visit. To learn more, see our moving page.

Switching your electricity provider

If you wish to switch to a different electricity provider, you can do this up to 14 days before your contract ends without an early termination fee. When you switch, your new provider will coordinate with your old one, so you will not need to cancel your current service and there should not be interruptions to your power. For more information, see our switching providers page.

Updated: 6/15/2020